Enhancing Your Curb Appeal


You never get a second chance to make a first impression. That age old saying doesn't just apply to you, it can apply to your home as well! So, make sure that the first impression anyone — including potential buyers — gets of your house leaves a lasting good impression. Amp up the curb appeal with these simple tricks of the trade. Some of them might surprise you!

Top Tips to Enhance Your Home's Curb Appeal

• Power was the exterior of your home. This can reveal any loose, cracking, or peeling paint that may need fixing. Hire a painter, or do it yourself!

• While you're at power washing your house, power wash those windows as well. Clean them on the inside, too.
Be sure to remove any stray debris or cobwebs. Leaving these will make your windows look dull when you want them to sparkle and shine.

• Affix or replace any loose roof shingles.

• Clean out gutters. Replace them if they're rusty, bent, or even if they look old or in disrepair.

• Rake up any leaves in your yard. Tidy up the flowerbeds or gardens, showing off your green thumb.

• Get rid of any weeds, dandelions, or grass that's cropping up through the driveway or sidewalks.

• Trim trees so they're not in the way of the roof.

• Make sure all of your lawn care tools and toys are stowed away. Make sure your garden hose is rolled up nicely.

• Put any bikes, skateboards, or scooters into the garage.

• If you have a basketball hoop, keep an eye on the net. Replace it if it starts to look old, torn, or dingy.

• Trim unruly bushes. If they're starting to look dry or scraggly, no matter what you do, it might be time to get rid of the bushes.

• Install a motion detector light in the front yard. That way, if potential buyers come by in the evening, they can see the front of the house.

• Install low-wattage ground lights along the front walkway.

• Keep the walkway to the house, the driveway, and the sidewalks in front of the house neatly swept.

• Plant eye-catching and brightly-colored flowers in front of the house. Keep them watered and looking fresh. Remove any wilted, dead blooms as soon as you see them.

• Wherever the foundation shows, place a planter in front of it with colorful flowers.

• Give your front door a fresh paint job and replace the door's hardware. Or, if the door can't be saved, replace it.

• Paint or stain any wooden fences and repair any broken fencing.

• Replace your mailbox.

• Apply large, visible numbers to the front of your house.

• Keep the garbage bins in the garage — out of sight, out of mind.


Don't Forget the Sides and Back of Your House

• Power wash, sand, and stain your deck and patio.

• Secure loose railings or boards on your deck.

• Trim the bushes and vegetation throughout your backyard area.

• Set up attractive, comfortable sitting areas in your backyard. Staging the outside can be just as important as staging the inside.

• If you have a dog in the house, make sure to clean up after them on a daily basis. If your dog tends to bark, keep them inside as much as possible to keep them from scaring potential buyers away.

• Be sure to remove any wasps or ant hills from your property.
Put away all backyard toys and tools, and make sure your hose is rolled up.

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