Common Mistakes Made When Staging a Home


Mistake No. 1: Purging all your family photos

Many home stagers will have you get rid of all of your family photos. I feel that leaving a few family photos can show someone how well loved a home is and adds a bit of the personal touch which brings vision of a new owner living there.

Mistake No. 2: Including too much furniture

Trying to put too much furniture in a space can make a room appear smaller. In addition always include at least three pieces of furniture in order for the buyer to have a vision.

Mistake No. 3: Not cleaning up

Always do a quick cleaning of the home so the buyer can see how loved the home is. Leaving the house a mess gives the buyer a chaotic and messy vibe.

Mistake No. 4: Stuffing clutter into closets

If you are trying to get the house cleaned quickly don't throw things in the closet most likely the buyer will check out the storage space. Instead try putting things under beds or in spaces that will not be noticed.

Mistake No. 5: Ignoring your home's exterior

Manicured lawns and trimmed bushes can make a big impact. Don't forget those minor chores and in addition try to make sure everything is power washed and add some flowers in pots to give the buyer a happy feeling before they even enter the home.

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