Easy DYI Hacks to Make Your Home Look Beautiful

stage and sell your home Lori Mizera

If you're interested in adding more beauty and class to your home, taking on a DIY home improvement project can give your house an extra sense of style while saving you money too. There is no need to worry about those three little words: "do it yourself." These tips are fast, easy and affordable projects you can do on your own. Look at these five relatively simple ways to enhance your home. These DYi's area especially important if you plan to list your home in the near future!

1. Replacing Light Fixtures Throughout Your Home

Replacing out an outdated, or basic light fixture for a more elegant, in style fixture is an easy way to change the ambiance of a room. By adding a newer, more modern light fixture, you can easily control the concentration of the light and the character of your room.

2. Adding Floating Shelves To A Room

Have you ever thought of installing floating shelves in your home? Floating shelves combines functionality of extra storage space with style and some personal flair. Floating shelves are mounted on walls in many different patterns, and come in a variety of materials to give your room a unique look. In your larger rooms, you should use deeper shelves that can hold vases, books and other pieces. For a small room, choose more shallow shelves and display photos with nice frames and smaller trinkets.

Fire stone pit

3. Try Building a Stone Fire Pit

Building a stone fire pit in your own backyard can be completed in a few hours. Find some uniquely shaped rocks or large stones and place them together to create your functional and stylish fire pit. Before you start this project, make sure to check local fire codes or your homeowners association to ensure your are allowed to start building.

4. Painting An Accent Wall

A great DYI is painting an accent wall in your home. It can add a pop of color in just the right place and showcase your personality. Painting is usually considered a low-risk project, so a homeowner of any skill level can tackle this in one day. You will need painter's tape, a good paintbrush and the color that suits you. Just be sure that the color you choose is complementary with the other wall color(s) in the room. It's a good idea to stay consistent between warm and cool tones also

5. Install Some Decorative Molding

By adding decorative molding around your home, you will add a really nice touch of elegance. Install molding to the ceiling by capping the walls, columns and cabinets. Also, when adding chair molding, keep it about one-third the distance of the ceiling height. Detailed molding adds character to your rooms and makes them feel taller and more finished. This is another great way to add value to your home.

Adding a few small features to your home can be extremely affordable! Just be sure to start with one project at a time, and allow yourself the proper time to complete one before starting the next.

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