Experience Matters

Value of Experience

There are many professionals in the Real Estate Industry

competing for business and new clients. Individual character, work ethic, and experience are great differentiators that should be considered in choosing the right Realtor for YOU. Below is the value of 20 YEARS' EXPERIENCE that makes Marcy Tobin highly qualified:

  • TRAINED in education, client-service, real transaction experience  
  • KNOWLEDGABLE about homebuying and selling process,industry, market trends and forecasts
  • SKILLED in analysis, pricing, strategizing, negotiating, problem solving
  • TECHNICAL regarding agency, ethics, contracts, real estate law, MLSNI
  • PROFICIENT in technology, marketing, advertising, networking
  • PRODUCTIVE as efficient, organized, methodical, diligent
  • INSIGHTFUL advisor, advocate, collaborator
  • PERCEPTIVE to be proactive, attentive, responsive
  • COMPETENT with designations, certifications, awards, proven results, testimonials, repeat clients and referrals
  • WELL-RESPECTED among peers, professionals, community
  • RELIABLE NETWORK of attorneys, lenders, inspectors, and other service partners
  • RESOURCEFUL pertaining to any real estate-related need