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Road to Rolex Award 2021

Outstanding Achievement Award 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022

In the summer of 2018, I began my adventure working with @properties Real Estate as a full-time independent salesperson. With humble beginnings the Firm has grown to become Real Trends 8th largest Brokerage in the country and the 2nd largest independent firm.  In 2022 Christies International Real Estate was acquired expanding our network on a global level. The success that has been found is not without good reason.

With our cutting-edge technology, creative media, purposeful marketing, and culture, not only the company but our clients have prospered throughout the years.

My first of many visits to the Lake Geneva area was in the early 80's.  I was so impressed with the magnificent landscape, wonderful people and quality of life, in 2005 I made a permanent move from the Scottsdale/Phoenix Metropolitan area.  Bringing with me 24 years of experience and knowledge of construction, and love of homes as an Arizona Licensed Contractor and Realtor it was with great enthusiasm, I made the decision to move.

In addition, for almost 10 years I've worked in an international business corporate environment as Vice President and Administrator.  This experience brings great focus on detail, strong listening and negotiating skills, and desire to assist others in obtaining their objectives in which my clients are assured I am working hard for them.

I enjoy home remodeling and designing, and have many artistic interests.  Finding great pleasure in volunteering and exploring the great communities found in southeastern Wisconsin, it is a privilege to be here and a wonderful place to live, with mid-west values, beautiful nature and seasons of color.

I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to choose where I wanted to live and the lifestyle!  My wish for all is that you love where you live!

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