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Clients often ask me "David , over the past 20 years in real estate, what is the hardest thing for you to do?" 

That's a great question and the first thing that pops into my mind is writing my personal bio! 

Being a second generation Realtor in the Hammerschmidt family, I grew up  touring homes, had a garage full of my dad's yard signs. Helped sort through piles of paperwork and stapled things spread out on the ping pong table for the pre-license class he taught. My dad was a great Realtor. Everywhere we went us kid's knew it would take way longer than expected as dad would always stop and talk to EVERYONE! We would roll our eyes knowing it was going to be a while. He taught me the ethics and hard work required in real estate. It was never about the sale, it was always about helping people. And now it's what I love the most about real estate....the people. And life is always about helping others.

While I thoroughly embrace the ever changing market, technology, social media and systems that can help save my clients time and money, I still believe in the "old fashioned" activities of answering the phone, listening to my client's need's, questions and concerns. Negotiating offers face to face. And yes, also stoping and talking to people everywhere I go! Just ask my son Jack!

Growing up and raising a family in southwest Michigan my in depth knowledge of our wonderful, small communities coupled with my professional back round of 20+ years in real estate has helped me guide hundreds of families through the buying and selling process. I feel very fortunate to have known and worked with so many amazing people over the years and I'm thankful to be able to make so many long lasting relationships with my clients. 

I always tell people if I ever sound like "that salesman guy",  FIRE ME! Because the goal will never be just getting the sale. My goal will always be helping people in any way that I can. Helping people understand the real estate market and its challenges, guiding people through the buying and selling process so that they will always feel educated and confident in their decisions while also making it a fun and enjoyable adventure together! Whether it's your very first home or the I can't remember how many homes we've had, in any price range, it's important to me that my clients immediately sense that their satisfaction is my objective. 

My wife Trudy always says that I go above and beyond. I consider my success directly connected to how much I can help people. I will always do what it takes to makes things right. 

Always growing, always innovating. Selling residential and vacation homes, investment properties and commercial businesses. My recent partnership with @properties in St. Joseph is the perfect match for my business. I love what I do and look forward every day to whatever sort of challenges both life and real estate will bring me. I guess even writing my bio!!!

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