Listing Your Home


The Real Estate game has changed! I remember the good old days when we could put a cardboard sign in front of any property that said "4 Sale" and we could have 5 contracts with in a week. Now the market is challenging. Buyers are more cautious and competition is fierce. No longer are traditional methods enough to achieve the results you want and need. You need an agency that has industry-leading technology, first class marketing & support, and an agent that is not only educated in the industry but can understand and feel the pulse of the market.




I work to develop a plan with you to achieve your goals. This means understanding your wants and needs. Sometime you can afford to hold out for "top dollar" because you may not need to sell tomorrow. In other circumstances due to a job transfer, financial obligations, or simply pure desire, a quick sale that cannot come soon enough is the answer. No matter what your circumstances are, I work with you to develop a plan to get you where you need to be. 




It is common in our industry for agents to "bend the truth" when discussing price with you. Many will quote you a high price to simply get your listing, only to tell you after 30days that a dramatic price reduction is needed. I don't believe in this practice and will NEVER misguide a client in this fashion.


From day one, we discuss the market in your neighborhood. We conduct a Market Analysis to see what homes are selling for in your building, on your block, and in the neighborhood to determine an accurate and fair price at which we should list your unit. This enables us to be realistic with our goals and allow us to generate traffic to the listing.




It always amazes me when I hear stories of agents not following up with their clients after they have a listing. Nothing can be more aggravating for a seller than when they cannot get a hold of their agent!


After your home is listed, the service continues. From weekly reports showing you how many times your home has been viewed on-line to providing you with feedback from every showing, you will be kept in the loop at all times.