Realtor's can show you anything
A Realtor can show you any "Apartment Building" in Chicago that cooperates with leasing agents, as well as any property listed in the MLS. Most Leasing Agents do not have access to the MLS and only show apartment buildings or their own listings. Many times they cannot show you privately owned condos for rent which many times are the best deals!
We don't have any bias
Most Realtor's who represent tenants, do just that, REPRESENT TENANTS and do not have many rental listings. This means that we will not push you to rent a specific condo or home because it is our listing. This allows us to look out for your best interest. We don't care which apartment you rent, we care whether you will actually LOVE where you LIVE.
Familiar with all areas of the city
Many leasing agents are only familiar with a small, finite number of neighborhoods. They may work Lincoln Park and Lakeview, but not know the Gold Coast or Old Town. Realtor's are familiar with large sections of the city because the buyers we work with are looking in multiple areas for the best deal. So if you are renting, why shouldn't you look in multiple areas for the best deal as well? Not only can we guide you to find the best pricing, but we can help guide you to the neighborhood that fits your lifestyle!
We want you to be PROTECTED while you're in your lease!
Many management companies (whom leasing agents primarily represent) have set leases that they use with very specific guidelines. Most of the time they fill out the lease. We treat our clients different. We make sure, when working with private landlords, that the leases are written ironclad to protect you. Any concerns you may have about your lease we can address. We even work with legal counsel that we can refer you to if you have any hesitations or questions regarding the lease that go beyond the norm. 
When you are leasing your next home you are pledging a portion of your income (more than likely a rather large portion) every month. The person who represents you, writes your lease, confirms items in your lease, what is included in your rent, and many other items should be an expert in the industry and know Tenant / Landlord law inside and out. That is why you should work with a Realtor!
We want you as a client for life!
I don't want to represent you on just one rental. I want you as a client for life. Next year, when it is time to rent again, I want to assist you. When it is time for you to buy a condo in the city, I want to be there and when you upgrade to a single family home with a yard and room for your family; I want to have earned your business well so I am the first name that comes to mind. My business, as a Realtor, is built around referrals. I want to earn not only your business from you, but the trust of your friends and family. That is why, whether you are renting a studio or a large penthouse condo over looking the lake, I am going to treat you as if you were my only client. 


Does it cost me anything to use a Realtor to help me find a rental property?


No! There is no cost to you to use a Realtor when you are looking to lease a property. Realtor's are paid by either the owner of the property or the listing agent. This means there is no cost to you.


What if I don't rent a property with the Realtor? Do I have to pay anything?


No! Even if we show you properties and you decide to rent something else that you have seen on Craigslist or perhaps you decide to stay in your current place there is still NO CHARGE to you.


If I see something I like on Craigslist can my Realtor show it to me?


Most of the time we can! As long as the owner of the property is cooperating with Realtors (they do most of the time) then we can show you the property.


Will I pay more for my rent if I use a Realtor since the owner has to pay a commission?


Tenants think that many times they will over pay for a property if a Realtor is used. This is FALSE! In fact, we save tenants money. We have access to data that shows the history of rents in buildings throughout Chicago. We can utilize this information to negotiate a great deal for you many times resulting in a rental rate below asking price. 


I work long hours, can a Realtor show me places at night?


Of course we can! Most Realtors are like me; I work around my clients schedules 7 days a week, including nights. It is not uncommon for me to meet clients after 6pm or even 7pm to show them properties.