How I love working with buyers!


With a few exceptions in life, nothing is more exciting than working with buyers. Whether it is a first purchase, dream home, or vacation home, buyers are always excited and anxious when opening the door and walking into a place for the first time. However, at the same time it can be a very stressful process. From negotiating, to inspections, or last minute snags that come up last minute, most buyers hold their breath until the deal is closed. It is my job to make sure that your buying process stays exciting. That the initial excitement you felt when you started looking at homes continues until you receive the keys in your hand.


How the Buying Process Works!


How Much Should You Spend?


So how much should you spend for your new home? This is a different question than: "What Can I Afford?" Everyone has a different lifestyle they lead. So the first question should be "What do you feel comfortable spending on your new home?" Through the assistance of myself, along with a mortgage broker, we decide what is the ideal purchase price for you. Once you know this and are comfortable with the number we can move on to the next step.


The Search!


The best part about searching for homes in this market is that there is no short supply. What is the hard part? - "Yike, Where do I start?!"


As a Buery's Agent it is my job to discuss with you your needs and wants and help you narrow down the perfect neighborhoods and/or buildings for your search. Once we narrow down your search I can start sending your properties from the MLS via E-Mail. Through our MLS System you can view properties by neighborhood and price range and view photos, floor plans, descriptions, and so much more. This way you can see which properties are worth your time to look at and which ones you would like to skip over. After all wouldn't you rather spend time looking at properties you know you'd love versus those that you might hate?


It's Time to Go Out and Look!


This is the exciting part. It is time to go out and look at properties. This is always a fun time for both myself and you the buyer! So when do you look? Weekdays, Weekends, Weeknights? The answer is WHENEVER YOU WANT. I make myself available at all hours of the day for my buyers. Which means if you happen to have a day off and want to look at properties, we can do it. If you want to view some at 6pm after your work day, we can do that too. Even if you want to spend your Sunday afternoon touring some homes, that is not a problem. 


Great properties come on the market at all different times. There may be a day where you see something you have to see RIGHT AWAY because you think it is PERFECT and you're afraid of it being sold before you can see it. Well, that is fine, we can see it right away!


Time to Make an Offer


So you have found a place you really like and now it is time to make an offer! So what should you offer?! Well, this is where I come in!


Through my expertise plus using data of recently sold homes in the area, we sit down together and arrive at a price to offer. This part should not be scary or daunting for you. Instead, we will take our time, find the right price to offer and let the excitement begin!


Your Offer is Accepted! What do we do next?!


Once your offer is accepted many things happen on the backend. There are many things to think about, but none to worry about. It is my job to make sure everything that needs to be in place is in place so you can have a smooth transaction.


ATTORNEY: I make sure your attorney receives a copy of the contract and has ample time to review all the terms.


INSPECTION: An inspector is scheduled to come out and inspect the property. This is done right away so if there are any issues, we know about them right away.


YOUR LOAN: I make sure your loan officer / mortgage broker is kept up to date on the entire process. This means that as soon as a contract is signed, they receive a copy. As soon as the attorney gives it the thumbs up, your loan officer knows. And finally, as soon as your property passes inspection, your loan officer knows so he/she can go full speed ahead to get your loan processed and done!


CLOSING: I make sure that everything is taken care of before closing. There are many small issues that come up prior to closing. These issues are typically minor and will not affect your closing. However, it is important that I make sure these issues are taken care of and anyone who needs information is able to receive it in order to make sure your closing happens on time without any delay.