Tyler Lingle

Tyler Lingle Photo

Born & raised in the suburbs of Indianapolis, Tyler started his career in Indianapolis as a teacher with Teach For America on the Near Westside. After four years of teaching Middle School Social Studies, he pivoted to Real Estate with the goal of empowering and educating homeowners and investors. Tyler gained a passion for Real Estate after renovating two of his own homes in urban Indy -- one in Irvington and one in Broad Ripple.


In addition to helping traditional homeowners, Tyler has proven to be a valuable team-member to real estate investors, both local and out-of-state. Because Tyler is also a Real Estate investor himself, he understands the inputs and outputs of a great deal -- from a successful offer, all the way to equipping investors with the right property managers and contractors.


When not working, catch Tyler running on the Monon, grabbing a beer at one of Indy's many breweries, hiking at a local park, or relaxing with a great book at home. Tyler and his wife Brianna currently live in Broad Ripple.