Ellen Baren

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Energetic, knowledgeable, and passionate about what she does, Ellen Baren is genuinely a client’s REALTOR®. Through in-depth guidance, personal exploration, and attention to detail, Ellen has not only earned the trust of her clients but their friendship and respect as well. These skills and the personal dedication she brings to her work allow her to truly become her client’s trusted advisor.

The world of real estate is one that is always changing. To guarantee her place as an outstanding real estate adviser and negotiator, Ellen is constantly learning about the market, current trends, and the many aspects of marketing and technology. Her job is to exceed all client expectations, and by positioning herself with in-depth knowledge of Chicago’s real estate market, she is able to do so.

“At no other time in an individual’s life, does a person put more trust in someone they have just met than when buying or selling a home. The process of buying and selling a home requires empathy, patience, and caring. By bringing these skills to the table, I serve as my clients’ adviser, advocate, and partner. All people deserve a great real estate agent… an agent that will take the time to focus on the needs and wants of the client while guiding them as needed.”

Ellen guarantees this by keeping her client base to a manageable size and only working with a select number at any given time. She is always reachable, responds promptly via text, email or phone and goes the extra mile to negotiate on her client’s behalf and get the transaction to the closing table. “I believe that much of my success can be attributed to the fact that I am dedicated to this profession and passionate about helping my clients reach their real estate goals…and I love what I do!”

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