Brian Connolly

Brian Connolly


806 N. Peoria Suite 100
Chicago, IL 60642

Brian Connolly joined the @properties team in 2007. Over the last 20 years, he has sold and leased commercial and residential properties throughout the north side of Chicago. He knows how to market properties and negotiate price so his clients will realize their goals. His experience is important in todays market, especially in navigating the ever changing new construction market.

Brian understands the complexity of investment/development property and guides clients in making good choices. He has marketed and sold all types of properties from single family homes and condos to large multi-unit buildings. With more than 20 years experience in the real estate industry, Brian has built a wide network of bankers, lawyers, inspectors, contractors and related professionals who can help him and his clients. As an owner and manager of multi-unit properties in Irving Park, and Lincoln Square, he has managed construction and rehab projects, which helps him better understand the investment market, its rewards, and risks.

Whatever the challenge, Brian works hard to understand and meet each clients unique needs. He treats everyone with respect whether they are buying a multi-million dollar investment property or their first home. His greatest satisfaction comes when he guides clients in solving problems and achieving their goals.

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