Holly Connors

Holly Connors


31 S. Evergreen Ave.
Arlington Heights, IL 60005

Senior Broker: Northwest Suburban Specialist

Holly Danielson is a professional whose enthusiasm for selling real estate has earned her several awards among top Chicago brokers since the beginning her career. She began her real estate career with @properties in early 2002 as the assistant to the owners of the company. With constant exposure to the luxury home marketplace and the outstanding professionalism of her mentors, she has become a sensation in Chicago Real Estate brokerage.

Her energy and ambition keep her going seven days a week and her clients both notice and appreciate this, sending their friends and family her way.

Holly also has knowledge in rehabbing, development and condo conversions, and has worked on numerous projects throughout the city. She is extremely computer savvy and demonstrates it through her on-line marketing practices. Clients, the brokerage community and friends know her for her impeccable follow-up practices and integrity.

Holly’s dedication and commitment to the community is evident in many ways. She was Chicago’s Woman of The Year 2004, for her charitable involvement in several non-for-profits, the chairperson for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Annual Ball, and she coaches a Junior Olympic Volleyball team.

Holly is a master at Chicago Luxury Market and demonstrates that by her sales record. Working with sellers, her keen eye for perfection is apparent in her suggestions to prepare their property for top marketability.

She is a leader who "walks the walk" both professionally and personally.

Clients are saying:

"Holly changed our expectation of realtors. She came in with data that made decisions easy and a plan that provided comfort. Her network of contacts led to many showings and eventually to the offer we ended up going with. But the most impressive thing about Holly was how she helped us navigate a difficult negotiation and follow on issues with the inspection. If it wasn’t for Holly, the sale would almost certainly have fallen thru. She is amazing!"

"Selling a home, especially after living in one for decades, can be a very stressful experience. Holly's approach, which was very professional and straightforward, yet kind, was just what we needed. In a fairly flat market, she sold our house before it made it to the open market. She is extremely knowledgeable about her industry which gives the seller confidence that the process will be handled properly. She and her staff are wonderful and responsive, often answering questions within minutes. Holly is not just a great broker, she is a fine person who was a pleasure to work with and given the opportunity, we would happily work with her again. Signing with Holly was one of the best decisions we have ever made. We would highly recommend her to all of our friends. If fact, we have already given her name to a few!"

"Holly is a great agent - she is super easy to work with and knows her stuff. She has extensive local knowledge which was especially helpful to us as we moved from out of state. We've never had an easier time buying a house :)"

"I can't say enough good things about Holly. I have used 5 agents throughout my home buying and selling processes and she was head and shoulders above the rest.

Many times it feels like that agents aren't working for you. You find the homes you want to see, you research the neighborhoods, you find the inspectors and repairmen to provide estimates. Holly is completely different, she did it all and was fully engaged in the process from the start to the closing and was a true partner in this process.

Finding the Home:
Holly used her vast network to find a home in the perfect location even before it hit the MLS. Since we were looking in very specific areas I thought our search process was going to take months, but Holly was able to find a home that met all of our criteria only after 1 week! Part of the quick search process can be attributed to good timing, but I firmly believe that without Holly's network we would not have found this home. We were the first people in and locked into a contract that day preventing us from getting into a bidding war.

Throughout the process, Holly's experience and expertise were invaluable. We ran into multiple inspection items and Holly guided us through each step. I mentioned that she was a true partner and that showed during the inspection process. Items that were identified by the inspector, she readily had a contact to remedy the issue and was texting and calling during the inspection to schedule an estimate and get a quote. Times where we were unable to meet the contractor, she showed up and clearly communicated back to us the underlying issue and what was needed to resolve the issue.

We ran into a significant appraisal issue during our home purchase. Holly was able to run us through all the different scenarios which helped us better understand how cooperative or aggressive we needed to be with the sellers during the various back and forth conversations we had with the sellers. We ultimately were able to resolve the appraisal issue with the support and guidance of Holly.

I think with any sale or purchase of a home there will be times where the negotiations get a bit intense. During our negotiations we were able to communicate to Holly our desired outcome and she provided candid feedback on whether we were overreaching or well within reason. Once we aligned with her on our desired outcome, she went to work talking with the seller's agents, the seller's attorney, and mortgage broker to find the best outcome for us. Holly left no stone unturned and was extremely responsive to our emails and texts.

The closing went fairly smoothly and Holly was there the entire time answering any questions we had.

Overall, I cannot say enough good things about Holly and would highly recommend her."

"My husband and I embarked on our home buying journey this spring. We had been through this process before and we thought we knew what to expect. In times past, we had had a realtor, sure…but we did all “the work” ourselves…the research on the MLS, the price comps, researching inspection issues. I admittedly had thought of realtors as a necessary evil in the home buying process– we needed them to be there to take us to see the homes we had researched ourselves, but that was really it. This time around, we received a recommendation to use Holly Connors to buy in Arlington Heights, as she was knowledgeable about the area. Turns out, we had not realized what we had been missing in a realtor until we met Holly.

It was clear from our first meeting that Holly was different. We filled out a list of things we were looking for in a new home as we had in the past, but Holly took the time to understand the "why" of our requests, and to understand us as a family. She posed questions i hadn't even considered -what kind of neighborhood did I want for my daughter, what kind of interactions did I want with my neighbors, what was important to our family in a community, did we see this next move as a “forever move”? Her knowledge of the community, as well as the fine details of home construction were clear from the beginning; It was not something she was showing off, it was something she was confident in. While I was accustomed to having realtors trying to convince me the home we were viewing was something I should love when I didn’t, Holly would instead look around at a home and tell us “It’s nice, but we can do better for your money. I want you to love it”. It was a relief, and amazing to feel like this person was truly a partner with us in this process. She understood how big of a decision this was for us and wanted the best for us.

Our search was a short one, thanks to Holly. We were moving from the city, and in addition to all the home features we were looking for, perhaps the most important one to us was walkability. We wanted to be close to a community downtown area, and to the Metra train. In the first week of working with Holly, she found something perfect for our family. While part of this is certainly luck, Holly’s connections got us an early viewing of this house before it hit the MLS, and even before other early viewings of this home. She pushed hard on our behalf, and got our foot in the door.

While the search was short and easy, the rest of the process was anything but. The next 60 days were a whirlwind of difficult inspection negotiations, an extremely low appraisal (largely at the fault of the seller’s agent who was woefully unprepared), switching lenders and a range of emotions from the seller and their team of agents and lawyers. We were stressed, and often not the best versions of ourselves. Throughout this process, Holly was truly incredible. She was relentless on our behalf. She called in favors throughout her network of contractors, inspectors, lenders – a network that we sorely needed in our process (Consequently, when we met each person in her network, it was clear that they appreciated Holly as much as we did). She occupied our energetic 3 year old during our inspection so we could focus on details. When we were at our peak stress levels, she commiserated with us about how difficult this process was, at the same time reassuring us that the deal would happen. She even happily arranged visits to rental options when we felt unsure if our deal would go through – and even in this scenario, she was trying to negotiate monthly rent on our behalf!

In the end, everything worked out and we are in our “forever home”. I really believe that if we had had any other realtor, it would not have worked out. Holly was ruthless on our behalf. She left no stone unturned in difficult negotiations; she was honest and supportive throughout the entire process. She thinks of her clients as real people and not just another paycheck. I’m thankful we had the chance to work with her, and will be talking about how fantastic she is to anyone who is willing to listen!"

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