Dominick Jones

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Roots Real Estate Co.
Office: 317.489.3441 Mobile: 219.613.7172

Realtor® by day and a dad whenever he's not listing a home, Dominick joined the @properties family July 2022. Dominick entered real estate to help families purchase a home that can sustain or jumpstart their path to family wealth. He's spent 14 years in home improvement retail, helping supply contractors and homeowners with the materials needed to make their house a home.

Currently, he resides in Plainfield and coaches his daughters' softball team in Avon. When he's not cooking dinner, doing a craft with his family, or attending meetings of his Masonic lodge, he enjoys flying his drone. Capturing pictures and videos of local architecture and landscape is his favorite pastime. It brings him peace, while allowing him to gain more information about the communities in which his clients will plant their roots.

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