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D. Waveland Kendt is pleased to be affiliated with @properties, Chicago's most successful real estate brokerage and leading marketer of new construction developments. Living his entire professional life in Chicago, Waveland brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the business of real estate.

Working with buyers and sellers, Waveland has developed an understanding of what works.  A buyer needs timely and pertinent information that ultimately empowers them to make a purchasing decision based on knowledge and facts.  This leads to satisfaction and peace of mind that the property was purchased at the right price.  And more importantly, the place that they’ll call home will bring a sense of peace and comfort for years to come.

A seller needs the same type of market information to maximize price and minimize market time; two key factors that contribute to a successful sale.  Waveland is laser focused on the multiple ways that a buyer comes to learn about a new listing, whether it is on-line at various real estate sites, through signage or direct mail, on the MLS, or through open houses.   Waveland uses all means available to market a property and facilitate the quickest possible sale.

With over 120 million in sales over the last four years, Waveland has acquired valuable insight into what it takes to navigate the ever-changing waters of the Chicago real estate market.

Waveland graduated cum laud with a B.S. in Economics from Purdue University and is currently pursuing a Masters in Liberal Arts from University of Chicago.  For Waveland’s honeymoon, his wife and he sailed from New York City to Tahiti on a 46 ft. sailboat.  The 12-month trip covered 8,000 blue water miles.

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