Robert Sikkel

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I'm a Chicago area Realtor with over 15 years of experience representing Buyers, Sellers, Renters and Investors, in addition to selling dozens of new construction projects for local developers.  As a realtor, my value to my clients is in my understanding of the local, block by block market they are exploring, and being able to translate their real estate and financial goals into an efficient process with better than dreamed of results.  I grew up in West Michigan with a grandfather who was a home builder and an architect and with my grandmother as his interior designer, he became one of the most successful residential real estate developers in West Michigan.  Having that background with home design, construction and interior design, helps ensure my clients receive well rounded advice focused on all areas of these very complex decisions and transactions.

I moved to Chicago for graduate school in my early 20's and feel so blessed to have been able to build a career in a field that I was born into.  It's never too early to start gathering information for a potential move or purchase so if you are finding yourself searching listings online or walking through open houses, please contact me.  I'm here to make sure your search gets moving in the right direction!

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