Max Moore

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Roots Real Estate Co.
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Max is a dynamic individual with a passion for real estate, driven by the desire to transform renters into proud homeowners. As an exceptional agent, he is your ultimate ally when it comes to purchasing your first home. Max's expertise extends beyond local boundaries, actively collaborating with multiple investors both within and outside the state. His scope of work encompasses long-term rentals, property flips, and value-add opportunities.


Before embarking on his real estate journey, Max kick-started his career as a GNC Franchise Owner in Indianapolis. It was during this time, at the young age of 22, that he discovered the incredible potential of passive income and the lack of knowledge that many individuals possess when it comes to investing. Fueled by this realization, Max dedicated himself to assisting first-time homebuyers in wisely investing their hard-earned money in real estate.


Max is committed to empowering individuals to achieve wealth through strategic real estate ventures, emphasizing the importance of building a robust portfolio rather than mere monetary gain. With his wealth of experience, he serves as a trusted guide to investors, ensuring they make informed decisions and create a solid foundation for their real estate endeavors. Whether you're buying, selling, or seeking investment opportunities in the dynamic Real Estate Market, Max stands ready to support you every step of the way.


Outside of his unwavering dedication to real estate, Max finds joy in spending quality time with his three beloved dogs, indulging in the excitement of bowling, or catching an enthralling Pacers game. Currently residing in Avon with his fiancé, Max envisions a future in the vibrant northside of downtown Indianapolis after their wedding, cherishing the dreams they aspire to turn into reality.

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