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Real Estate with Purpose


Many of you are arriving to my site with a lot of questions about Chicago and Evanston real estate and how to find a good realtor to help you through the process of buying, selling or renting a new home.

Let me start by explaining Real Estate with Purpose: whether you are first time home buyer interested in buying a condo in Chicago or a long-time resident who wants to know how to sell a house in Evanston, your home is more than an investment in four walls and a roof - it's a commitment to the community as a whole.  I believe that good neighbors create good neighborhoods, and the time and energy you put into making your neighborhood better comes back out in the form of enjoyment you get from it.  To support this belief, I started my ˜Real Estate with Purpose™ initiative in the Spring of 2013, with the idea that real estate can be used as a vehicle for fundraising to support local charities, nonprofits and organizations to better improve our neighborhoods.  To that end, 10% of my gross commision from real estate purchases or sales becomes a donation to my client's local charity of choice.

For most clients who choose to work with me, the Real Estate with Purpose part of the home buying or selling process is secondary to my commitment to service.  Their number one goal is to find a Chicago realtor who can walk them through the steps to buying a house, or how to sell a home and get the best price possible in the process.  As a licensed Illinois real estate broker, I pride myself on ensuring that your end result matches your initial objective.

How to find a good real estate agent:

Buying or selling a house can be a complicated proposition, but is a tremendously rewarding event when executed properly. From my experience, the best way to get there is with a keen sense of the economy, an honest assessment of goals versus emotions, an intelligent and fair evaluation of the existing market, and a support team that has your best interest at heart from the start of your search to the completion of the process.   

Chicagoland real estate market conditions have seen their share of change over the past few years related to interest rates and property values throughout neighborhoods like Bucktown, Lakeview and Lincoln Square.  For buyers, this means access to homes for sale that might have been out of your price range in the past. For sellers, it introduces you to a new buyers looking to buy a home much like your own.  One of my goals in helping you is to make sure that you receive the best deal possible.  To ensure this, I am consistently seeking out and providing local market insights and analysis that offer you a clear view into pricing and negotiation points when it matters most.

I built my real estate business on trust, and because of this my first objective is to understand your goals and then make them my own.  I believe that the gap between ˜liking™ and ˜loving™ a property is larger than is often realized, and I would rather see a client walk away from an impending transaction than see them needlessly overpay or receive less money than the market is offering.  This is why I provide you with continuous feedback to ensure you stay true to your objectives, and don™t lose sight of these goals in the periodic waves of emotion that can accompany a transaction of this magnitude.  

Whether you are first time home buyer or selling your third house, you will experience ˜gut feelings™ at some point along the way.  My job is to provide you with an informed and realistic evaluation of these feelings.  In some cases your hunches will be confirmed, and in others you™ll discover that the truth slightly differs from your own instincts.  In either case, you can rely on me to provide you with all of the information available related to current real estate market conditions to make well-informed decisions related to your real estate investment.  I may not immediately have the answer to every question, but if in doubt, I will work tirelessly to get the correct answer for you.

The pride of my business is based on my service to you.  Whether you are buying or selling a home, I want to ensure the process is as smooth and painless as possible.  I achieve this by surrounding myself with a best-in-class support team of attorneys, lenders, inspectors, and other licensed professionals who work together in concert to create a harmonious real estate transaction.  I have personally evaluated and selected these providers based on their expertise and ability to execute flawless services for my clients.

Let's discuss how I can be of service to you and your real estate needs this year!

Clients are saying:

"Working with Natalie made the process of selling our rental property quick and painless. She clearly set expectations and was extremely communicative. Natalie sold our condo in four days and facilities negotiations among multiple offers. This was our second time working with Natalie and we will use her again!"

"Natalie was extremely thorough and tailored the search to what we were looking for. she quickly caught on to our style, did not waste our time with houses outside of our budget or not to our tastes. she knows the neighborhood we wanted to be in extremely well. She was always available, very quick to respond. In terms of laying out the process, she made everything very clear - we didn't feel like there were any surprises, and the mortgage broker and lawyer she put us in contact with were great as well. i would highly recommend her to friends. She made everything move quickly and easily."

"I have worked with Natalie one two transactions now and she has been great both times! I would highly recommend her to my family and friends!"

"My wife and I have worked with Natalie for more than 7 years on three transactions - most recently the sale of our condo in Chicago. Natalie is perfectly professional, extremely helpful and just a damn nice person. Natalie is one of the best communicators I know - always available in any channel. Thanks again, Natalie!"

"Working with Natalie made the process of selling our rental property quick and painless. She clearly set expectations and was extremely communicative. Natalie sold our condo in four days and facilities negotiations among multiple offers. This was our second time working with Natalie and we will use her again!"

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