Cha McDaniel

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Why I am different...

  • Masters in Business Administration & Finance
  • RENE: Certified Real Estate Negotiation Expert
  • @properties Certified Relocation Specialist
  • New Trier Parents Association 2023 Treasurer


  • Past 4-year average listing market time of 21-days
  • Career average listing market time of 27-days: well ahead of Chicagoland average market times
  • Over 65% of clients have used Cha in more than one real estate transaction
  • 100% success rate at the closing table
  • Formerly an Estate Settlement Administrator, Northern Trust Company: duties included home and personal property distribution & sales, communication with all interested parties, negotiation with taxing authorities and benefactors, and case management through closing
  • Extremely high level of individualized service
  • Strong understanding of finance: invaluable in determining home values (Cha's masters degree is in finance)
  • Superb communication skills:

Sellers: provides detailed showing and open house feedback for listings, weekly online activity reports, market updates, advertising updates, negotiating and inspection item advise, and ongoing information related to your move even after you close

Buyers: provides comprehensive school, village, neighborhood and park district information for quality of life decisions. Communicates the most up-to-date listing information, property background details, and tax information regarding properties. Provides negotiating and inspection item advise, mortgage, contractor, and professional recommendations, and will research any item of importance to you in your home search

(i.e. floodplain concerns, finding riding stables, boat storage, etc.)

  • Personal experience in homebuilding/new construction and remodel/renovations that allows for a more complete understanding of the general condition of a house and any inspection items that may arise
  • Maintains an extensive list of trustworthy tradesmen based on first-hand or client experiences
  • Cha is her client's primary point of contact. there are no assistants or middlemen involved
  • Follows up on all client satisfaction survey comments to continually strive to improve service
  • Highly respected by other professionals (REALTORS, attorneys, inspectors, lenders) in the industry

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