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        “My goal is for clients to be truly thrilled with their home buying or selling experience. For sellers, I will effectively market their home for a quick sale, as well as educate them on the best scenario for success in terms of market conditions. For buyers, it is my job to help them make a well-informed, well-planned purchase. Helping clients achieve their goals on either side of the real estate transaction is truly rewarding to me, and I am honored to be a part of the process.”     Determined. Tenacious. Hard working. Honest. Trustworthy. Loyal. These are just a few of the strengths attributed to Christine Ashmore. She is a people person, has formed lasting relationships with clients, and forged important networking connections over the years with key players in real estate, banking, legal, and design that offer clients thorough representation and counsel. A shrewd negotiator and fearless by nature, Christine approaches every situation from an educated perspective, and never hesitates to do whatever it takes to achieve her clients’ goals.     More About Christine   *Short Sales and Foreclosures certified *Relocation certified *Interior design background with expertise in staging a home to move-in readiness *Average price point represented: $1,250,000 *Seasoned representation from renters to sales of $3,500,000 and above *Specialty in new construction and development *Prior sales experience in advertising for The New York Times and Veranda magazine   Creating opportunities that lead to capturing the right buyer is one of Christine’ greatest strengths. Due to many years of experience working in advertising and marketing, Christine understands how to impact the buyer pool and how to reach this audience in creative, different, and effective ways.    With over five years of experience working for Veranda magazine both in sales and as a “home scout,” Christine understands and appreciates the importance of beauty and attention to detail.  Whether it is a gorgeous antique strategically placed in a room or spectacular finishes, Christine knows what is important to the luxury market. Christine is also able to see a home’s “potential.”  She loves and appreciates everything beautiful.  From finding a “diamond in the rough” at a flea market to pulling together gorgeous fabrics and finishes, Christine is in her element.     Connecting with people is very important.  Christine enjoys bringing people together. Her love and appreciation for good food and fine wine is one of her great passions.  She also loves anything French or Italian.  That includes everything from wonderful food to spectacular homes.  One of Christine’s dreams is to travel the world seeing astounding architecture, eating glorious food and drinking fabulous wine, and just living that life for a while. Her life’s dream movie (not starring Julia Roberts) would be entitled, “Eat Tour Enjoy!”     A longtime resident of Lake Forest and the North Shore, Christine enjoys quality family time with her husband and three active teenaged children, biking, skiing, and staying fit. She enjoys long walks with her dog, Bailey, through the Lake Forest Open Lands.  The experience renews her soul every time.  She loves nature and being close to it.     “Let me show you how creative thinking, strategic marketing, and a strong commitment to success are a winning combination in today’s real estate market!”

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