Kate Huff

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With over 20 years of combined experience in real estate, Matt and Kate Huff have the knowledge and skills that home buyers and sellers can really appreciate. As the Huff  Group, they work together to successfully achieve whatever it is their clients need at any given time.


Matt spent many years working in commercial real estate, before turning his attention to the residential side full-time. In 1998, Matt bought his first two-flat that he renovated and resold. The experience brought him so much joy that he added home renovation and construction to his list of expertise.


Working with homes was a passion for both Huffs from a very young age. Kate’s father was a homebuilder, and Matt was influenced by a homebuilding neighbor. Therefore, it was completely natural for them to join forces and create the perfect real estate team.


Kate and Matt both grew up in Wilmette, and attended school in the area. Currently, they live in Winnetka with their two children. Though experienced with the entire North Shore market, they are true experts on Winnetka, Wilmette and Glencoe.


While Kate focuses on the nuts and bolts of the business, Matt helps clients visualize the potential of every home. He can explain what it would take to complete renovations – large or small – and he also knows the market and what is available. Kate is dedicated to her clients’ needs throughout the entire buying and selling process, thus ensuring that they are truly ecstatic about their real estate experience.


Kate and Matt enjoy collaborating, and each brings something unique to the table. In their free time, the Huffs enjoy watching sports, especially if their kids are involved. They also like art, reading, and spending time with family and friends.

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