Robin Gantman

Robin Gantman

Sales Agent

2 N. Whittaker St.
New Buffalo, MI 49117

Robin Gantman has extensive experience in residential real estate development and sales. She is a licensed Real Estate Agent for almost two decades in the states of Illinois and Michigan.

Robin started her career in human resources at Midwest Indemnity Corporation, a specialty surety business, located in Skokie, Illinois. Later she became the Director of human resources and was responsible for the recruitment and development, growing the company from 10 t0 100 employees in a little over a decade. She also oversaw all aspects of payroll.

After the sale of Midwest Indemnity, Robin developed her own Real Estate Development firm, G & G Real Estate Development Corp where she serves as the President and CEO of this business for over 15 years. She has built and sold over 23 single-family homes in the beautiful Harbor Country area located in the southwest area of Michigan. In her role as President, she oversees land acquisition, property development and all sales transactions. She is known for her attention to detail and her high quality residential homes.

Robin is a seasoned professional with significant business experiences in human resources, insurance products, sales and corporate leadership. Her professional background differentiates her so that she can exceed the expectations of her clients.

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