Lisa Cokefair

Lisa Cokefair Photo
Designated Managing Broker, VP of Brokerage Services
Mobile: 847.274.1295 Office: 847.367.0500


"I believe that team success is created by providing each agent professional guidance and leadership, as well as personal support and care. When our individual agents are thriving and optimizinig their potential, team success follows!"


A 20 plus year veteran of the real estate industry, Lisa quickly built an accomplished sales record, consistently meeting  and exceeding her goals. Prior to real estate, she managed a team of 60 client service representatives in the office supplies industry along with an extremely hectic daily call center. She loved the direct contact, and collaborative atmosphere her role offered. Management had always been her first passion, and when the door knocked for her to become a managing broker in 2001, Lisa was eager to answer.


"I clearly remember what it's like to be in the field, the challenges of a difficult deal, the thrill of signing that first contract, and support all that my agents face every day. My role is to help them develop, run, and grow their businesses, respecting that they each deliver a unique brand of real estate."


Lisa is deeply committed to agent training and coaching, and has worked tirelessly over the years creating and delivering key programs for her agents, both office-specific and company-wide. She has done professional speaking on seeking careers in real estate, what it takes, and how to find success.


"The biggest reward for our team is also our biggest challenge. I intentionally and selectively seek agents who add to our team atmosphere and dynamic culture. I have my agnets' backs 100%, and fully expect them to do the same for each other."

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