John C. Coleman

John C. Coleman

CNE - Broker

548 W. Webster Ave.
Chicago, IL 60614

"Multi-Million Dollar Producer"

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How does “SOLD” happen?

Does “SOLD” happen because of a great property, great strategy, or both? Opportunity available or opportunity created by an agent?

Before you list your home, are you convinced your agent knows how to maximize the value of everything you have? Neighborhood, property, timing, market… Can they get you what you want? At the price you want? In the time-frame you want?

Is your agent John Coleman? It should be.

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Trusted. Admired. Sought after.

John knows how to get the most money for your home, plain and simple. In fact, that’s his specialty. A prestigious homeowner in the neighborhood, he knows the value of this area better than anyone.

Selling a home is a decision you make not only for yourself, but for your family. John’s family is the most important thing to him, and he particularly values this part of your decision-making process.

House-wise and data-smart, he knows you have to have built a house to know one. Rehabbed one to understand one. John has done both, and his experience lets him answer questions you didn’t even know you had.

He also knows that at any given moment during the selling process, you’ll need a voice of wisdom, reason and experience. And you’ll need it at your convenience. Real Estate is John’s full time job. There is no competition for his time and attention. You have it all. And you deserve it.

Here are some points that might be worth noting.

  • Multi-Million Dollar Producer & a Top Producing Agent
  • I love what I do, and I believe it shows. I am passionate about my work, and it is a pleasure to be of service to my clients. Luckily, I feel like I have had some of the most amazing clients!
  • Depth of Construction experience - single-family homes, condo conversions/rehab. Take advantage of my knowledge of zoning, building materials, and general construction issues.
  • It is my experience that I am an educator, a diplomat, and protector of my client’s interest.
  • My duties to you are confidentiality, disclosure, loyalty, obedience, accountability, skill and care! When was the last time you heard an agent talk about their duties to YOU?
  • Top Service - I understand my clients requirements, and extremely knowledgeable about the market. I am focused on getting the best values for my clients!
  • A member of the GLBT family.
  • Professional, detail-oriented and customer service focused. AS a FULL time realtor, I am available to show property, meet clients as needed, and am focused.

Clients are saying:

"John is absolutely wonderful. His attention to detail is amazing. He knows so much about the market, about construction, about neighborhoods, etc. I was always amazed at just how much he knew about each condo we saw. He knew things about the building and would point out things we had never noticed. He was well informed about the business of the bldg, issues etc. He is very responsive and so supportive. John is efficient and we felt 100% confidence and trust in him."

"Professional and very knowledgeable about the real estate market. I would highly recommend him to others!"

"A sale was negotiated at the full price very quickly. John Coleman then steered the deal to a smooth conclusion."

"John was an amazing agent. We cannot thank him enough for everything he has done during the home buying process. As first time buyers, and not being from America, John was extremely patient and thorough assisting us in making the best decision possible. We found the perfect home for us. Every time we walk in the door we say"

"We cannot thank John enough for all he has done throughout this exciting journey. He was extremely patient with us during our long house hunting rollercoaster ride . We really valued his expertise and we could not be happier with the decision we made for our first home. Thank you so so so much John."

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