Michaela Gordon

Michaela Gordon


1875 N. Damen
Chicago, IL 60647

Michaela Gordon will not just find her clients a house; she will find you your home. She will listen to you about your past, present and future goals in order to find you a location that will be close to your heart, or find someone who will appreciate your space as much as you did.  With the ability to see beyond floor plans, Michaela will create an easy and stress free process for her clients to build a life beyond the walls and windows.

Receiving her Bachelors in Architecture degree, specializing in residential design, from the highly respected program at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Michaela has a true passion for creating customized living environments.  She is dedicated to working with her clients to find and design the home that they have been dreaming of and working for.  Born and raised in the Chicago land area, she has an intimate knowledge of the city and where will be the best fit for her clients.

A Junior Architect, full of life and with an invariable upbeat outlook, Michaela is always looking for her next challenge. Constantly looking for new and deep inspirations she spends her free time wandering around the boroughs, visiting restaurants, and immersing in the culture of the city. Knowing that having a personal, safe and enjoyable space is a basic necessity to leading a fulfilling life, Michaela runs a non-profit to build such spaces for the children who has suffered the loss of a parent or sibling. Having a place where childhood can remain unmarred by the overwhelming reality of life is a matter close to her heart. Her clients will find that Michaela’s ultimate desire is to spread as much comfort and love into the world around each person she meets, and will work tirelessly until she succeeds.

Clients are saying:

"Can I just say, Michaela is awesome!! We first met her when looking to rent a home back in 2014. She was super knowledgable and her taste was just perfect for us. She knew what kind of houses we wanted to look at and found one that worked almost perfectly. 2 years later, she initiated a small thought to look to buy a home instead of renting further. This thought has now turned to reality and we have a lot to thank her for it. Every time we went for a showing, she was always expressive of her opinions and we could very easily tell, that she's the best realtor for us. She knew our needs and likes to either say no to a house or to tell us which one is perfect for us. She has been great throughout the journey and at times when we were losing our patience owing to time, assured us and calmed us down and ensured everything is done in a timely manner without any hiccups. All this, even when she was out of the country!! Hats off to her!! And did I mention, my 3 year old girls love her!"

"Michaela has been nothing but the best in support, advice and high quality service. She knew what she was doing and she was so on top of things that it kept us in check of each step of the process. I couldn't be happier about the experience I had with Michaela. I did not think that an agent would be so diligent and careful about everything, but she went the extra mile in making sure that everything was taken care of. Five stars!!"

"Michaela did an excellent job helping us find a new apartment! This was our third apartment search and move with her. She always does a great job and is able to find us properties that truly feel like home! We recommend Michaela to our friends all of the time."

"My wife and I were new to the home buying process. Michaela helped us out every step of the way and made sure we were comfortable with each decision. Once we knew what we wanted in a home she was able to put together a great grouping of listings and we were able to find a home that we loved. She focused on us as people and what would be best for us now and long term. I would highly recommend that everyone I know use Michaela."

"I was so happy with the places that where found. She did an awesome job finding things I could afford that where in the right neighborhood. I will for sure be using her again and telling everyone I know to use her as well."

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