Michaela Gordon

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Michaela Gordon will not just find her clients a house; she will find you your home. She will listen to you about your past, present and future goals in order to find you a location that will be close to your heart, or find someone who will appreciate your space as much as you did.  With the ability to see beyond floor plans, Michaela will create an easy and stress free process for her clients to build a life beyond the walls and windows.


Michaela prides herself on being an agent for all. As a buyer agent, listing agent and rental agent - no client is unimportant and no deal is too big or small. With a vast knowledge of the neighborhood markets, as a listing agent she can effectively price, market and sell your property while providing an unmatched experience consisting of education and counciling. As a buyer's agent, Michaela is both the confidant and negotiator to get you your perfect property at the right price. No transaction should be entered into without a team, and Michaela is a one stop shop for it all. In almost 10 years of selling real estate, Michaela has brought together a team of top notch, vetted and trusted inspectors, attorneys, lenders, title reps, handymen and more to be used as full time resources for all her clients. 


Receiving her Bachelors in Architecture degree, specializing in residential design, from the highly respected program at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Michaela has a true passion for creating customized living environments.  She is dedicated to working with her clients to find and design the home that they have been dreaming of and working for.  Born and raised in the Chicago land area, she has an intimate knowledge of the city and where will be the best fit for her clients.


A Junior Architect, full of life and with an invariable upbeat outlook, Michaela is always looking for her next challenge. Constantly looking for new and deep inspirations she spends her free time wandering around the boroughs, visiting restaurants, and immersing in the culture of the city. Knowing that having a personal, safe and enjoyable space is a basic necessity to leading a fulfilling life, Michaela runs a non-profit to build such spaces for the children who has suffered the loss of a parent or sibling. Having a place where childhood can remain unmarred by the overwhelming reality of life is a matter close to her heart. Her clients will find that Michaela's ultimate desire is to spread as much comfort and love into the world around each person she meets, and will work tirelessly until she succeeds.


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