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Christina Johnston Cloutier is not your typical real estate agent. She combines her experience as an attorney, investor and educator to guide her clients through the process of buying and selling real estate.  Whether you're a buyer or a seller, Christina believes that education and communication are the keys to a successful real estate transaction.  To that end, she is always available to her clients.  Her real estate motto is "to care and to serve."  


Understanding her clients' needs and goals is of paramount importance to Christina.  She believes she must spend time with her clients to fully understand their needs. Therefore, Christina's role as a real estate advisor is to ask her clients pointed questions, to listen closely to their responses, to provide knowledgeable answers to their questions, to explain their options and to allow them to make informed and educated decisions.    


Christina draws on her almost ten years of experience as an attorney to help her clients navigate the process of buying and selling real estate.  She spent the first years of her law practice working as a general practitioner.  In this role, she drafted and negotiated contracts, mediated dispute resolutions and litigated extensively for her clients.  Christina also served as a corporate and litigation attorney for numerous municipalities and donated her time to family and children protective services.


Christina's extensive experience in navigating litigation, mediating settlements and negotating contracts adds great value to her clients.  She understands the art of negotation!  Always mindful of her clients' needs, when necessary, Christina brings tenacity to the negotiating table to ensure her clients will get the best deal possible!  Because clients are Christina's first priority, she is willing to go the extra mile to ensure they are well taken care of from the beginning to the end of their real estate journey.  


Christina resides in the Glen's Southgate community in Glenview.  Christina also lived in Chicago's Roscoe Village neighborhood for many years.  She brings a deep knowledge of Glenview, the North Shore and Chicago to her work.  In her free time, Christina likes to compete in triathlons, read and spend time with her two children, Declan and Maddie.  She is dedicated to her community and to service and has donated her time to numerous school and charitable services.  


Ultimately, Christina brings a unique and extraordinary level of experience, passion, knowledge and commitment to the real estate process.  She cannot wait to assist you with your home buying and selling needs!



"The home should be the treasure chest of living."  -Le Corbusier




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