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‘Debra Pallotto Dobbs has been a top-producing Chicago real estate agent since 1984. Consistently ranked in the top 1% of realtors in Chicago, Debra is a Five Star Real Estate Agent Award recipient, a distinction granted to a select group of agents rated highest in overall satisfaction by clients, peers, and industry experts. Debra is also a member of the President’s Club, a graduate of the Realtor Institute, a former President of the Women’s Council of Realtors, and a graduate of the University of Illinois’ Fundamentals of Urban Real Estate.’



Real estate is a cyclical industry, with prices that fluctuate closely with other markets and reflect the overall condition of economies. It’s also an inherently localized one, as housing prices are determined by each neighborhood or even a street’s unique location, amenities, and characteristics. As a result, the most successful agents have both a grasp of big-picture economics and intimate knowledge of their city’s neighborhoods and nuances. Debra Pallotto Dobbs has a command of each – and is able to apply her insights to the distinct needs of individual clients, with buyers and sellers benefiting from her ability to think strategically while not losing sight of the emotional aspect of a home purchase or sale.


As a passionate advocate for her clients, Debra works as a sure-handed negotiator to ensure that her clients are consistently satisfied with the process overall, assured about the final contract price, and eager to move into their new home. Debra believes that negotiation is both an art and a science—the realtor must be able to see a transaction from every vantage point, never losing sight of her client’s objectives. Above all, however, Debra believes the entire process and relationship be guided by integrity.


Debra’s adept marketing abilities stem from her experience developing brands as an advertising agency Marketing Director. This experience places her ahead of the curve when it comes to marketing homes for sellers.

Debra also has experience in construction and renovation; she’s partnered or acted as General Contractor in building, renovating and staging homes for sale. This background helps to give her specific and accurate insights on staging her clients’ homes effectively. Her marketing savvy, combined with this meticulous, detail-oriented perspective, ensures that sellers reach the full potential of their market.


Prior to real estate, Debra was a Marketing Director in an advertising agency, a theater producer and an entrepreneur; at the age of 24 Debra trained in Italy to make Gelato and then opened ‘Baci’, the first gelateria in Chicago. She currently resides in Lincoln Park.


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