Pamela Butler

Pamela Butler

CNE, ABR - Broker

548 W. Webster Ave.
Chicago, IL 60614

"Earning your trust and your business every day."

Me to my God Child, age 5: "Great minds think alike, kiddo". Her response: "No Auntie Pammy. Great minds think for themselves". 

It's always a good idea to do your homework and never more important than when it involves your home...most peoples single largest financial and emotional asset. 

I could write a glowing Biography about myself, @properties or about Instead, I recommend that you don't just believe what I might say about myself. Like a "Great Mind", do your homework and read what others have said at:  and

Think. And then decide for yourself: Who do YOU want as your trusted advisor and advocate? 

Clients are saying:

"Pamela and her team have been our go-to agents for the past 15 years. Whether is buying, seller or finding tenants for investment properties, she has always delivered excellent service and gotten the job done! Thank you Pamela!"

"Pamela was prompt and went the extra mile despite being in a personally stressful situation. She also helped me finding a handyman to fix the apartment promptly. I have been using her for the past eight years and I trust her completely for her honesty and appreciate her efficiency"

"Pamela handled a complicated and drawn out sale for us as well as a home purchase. The service she provided was extremely professional and the highest quality we saw from any realtor. The products she included (professional pictures and brochures, high quality marketing) as well as the network she brought with her gave us enormous success. She was also very considerate of our time and the stress a real estate transition creates. We’ve bought and sold several homes and Pamela provided the greatest services we ever received and will use Pamela again"

"Pamela was attentive, honest and a pleasure to work with."

"Pamela was amazing! She found us an outstanding tenant and took care of absolutely every detail from beginning to end! Truly a pleasure to work with!"

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