Maciej Wierzchucki

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“Buying a home today means understanding its current and potential value as a financial investment as well as how it suits your life and lifestyle. My job is to guide clients in each area and negotiate a win-win deal for all parties involved.”


Maciej knows the value of a property isn’t always obvious at first glance. For over 20 years, he specialized in the construction and remodeling of residential and commercial properties in the city of Chicago, North Shore and northwest suburbs. This experience, coupled with Maciej’s energy and commitment, is invaluable when it comes to helping clients understand home buying.

A native of Poland, Maciej attended three years of law school before coming to the United States. Bi-lingual, he applied his education, passion for people and love of all things “home” to start a business buying, remodeling and flipping houses. Overseeing every step of construction and detail, he quickly gained notoriety as a builder who truly cared about his finished product, not to mention the complete satisfaction of his clients. He expertly oversaw projects from single-family homes to high rises in downtown Chicago. Many years ago, he moved from the city to the northern suburbs, where he and his family enjoy sports, outdoor activities and quality time together.

Maciej applies the same attention to detail, 100% effort, and dedication to quality from his days in home construction to real estate. He demonstrates the highest integrity and honesty when it comes to representing his clients, whether buying or selling.

Clients describe Maciej as extremely positive, honest, smart, and a proactive problem solver, stopping at nothing less than the desired end result. He will find the solution to any problem and stay focused until it is achieved.

“Every client deserves their dream home. Contact me for an unbeatable, invaluable partner in the home buying and selling process!”

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