Rick Sobin

Rick Sobin

Designated Managing Broker, Vp Of Brokerage Services

548 W. Webster Ave.
Chicago, IL 60614

Rick Sobin, Vice President, Brokerage Services

“My highest priority is the personal and professional growth and success of our agents.

Fostering a true sense of community and collaboration on our team, along

with consistent training, coaching and mentoring, are key to achieving these goals.”

Prior to joining @properties, Rick’s ten years of experience in real estate sales and management included a passion for helping agents tap into their unique strengths and natural skill sets to build their businesses. “I realize that no two agents will find their path to success the same way. It’s my job to uncover what motivates and inspires each person individually to achieve his or her personal best. I feel the same sense of reward assisting new agents with their first deal as I do helping agents double their production.”

Rick’s proactive approach to problem resolution has always included an open door policy, active listening, and a healthy dose of support and understanding. “Helping to diffuse a problem during a transaction not only requires the highest level of communication, but thorough, detailed follow-up until a positive outcome is accomplished.”  

Bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience from his prior career in the motion picture industry, Rick keenly understands how to bring together teams of people with diverse skill sets and backgrounds. Managing the camera departments on such high profiles films as “The Usual Suspects,” as well as Academy award winners, “JFK” and “Road to Perdition,” Rick was integral to the optimal daily performance of his crew over extended stretches of filming in varied locales.

“My role at @properties is very relationship driven, with our agents, support staff, and clients at the forefront of every goal and opportunity. My job is to create a high energy, dynamic, and learning-based environment for our office. I firmly believe that @properties provides agents the best, most comprehensive and relevant tools in the industry to grow their business, and my willingness to listen and respond to their needs is integral to that growth.”

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