Tom Clark

Tom Clark

SRES, PSA - Broker

508 S. Northwest Highway
Barrington, IL 60010

The two most important things to a seller is; #1, how quickly the house sells and #2, the price for which the house sells. Buyers are interested in finding their dream home and getting the best value possible. I am particularly well equipped to maximize those factors.

My career focused on strentghening contracts and building business, yet I was trainined in accounting. I led the toy business development for the first three Star Wars movies, and had oversite of agreements with Lucasfilm, the NFL, NASCAR, etc...and Dr Scholl's. I seem to have a way to help agreements work out for the best...and my financial perspective brings a good sense of maximizing the value proposition as we define our strategy for selling or buying.

Last, but most important is our team. We work with our clients on developing a business strategy, and as a result, our homes sell in roughly twice as fast as the market average¦and we average 2% higher than the market in sale price. Please check out the testimonials my clients have offered... they reference a variety of attributes they found of value.  Also, if for some reason I am not available, all 5 members of our team will be intimately familiar with your property and prepared to step in.

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Clients are saying:

"Tom and Renee had the listing and we met him at the house, liked the house and didn’t have a rep, so we discussed it and decided to use him for the buy side. Everything went fine we are very happy. Tom is honorable and responsive and a good guy to work with my wife April and I recommend him highly."

"Tom was great and helped us with everything we needed to get us set up with our new home!"

"Tom Clark Is very professional in real estate and will help you until you happy with result. He did help us twice to rent our house in Lake Zurich since 2013. Even more, he helped us find painters, movers - you name it! We highly recommend Tom & Renee Clark!!! You will absolutely love them and very happy wit every step of work in your situation"

"I would refer Tom to anyone. Moving from Ohio was a little scary, because we had lived there for our entire lives. He immediately made my family feel comfortable and at ease. He really went above and beyond for us. I dont know what we would have done without him. I always appreciated Toms honesty and never doubted that he had our best interests at heart."

"Tom, is very professional seems to know a lot about the market His connections with lenders and lawyer were helpful and saved us some time on finding people in those businesses. Tom was honest on the homes we saw, when he saw a house that he thought was a good fit or a bad fit he let us know and gave us honest reasons on why a house was a good or bad fit. Tom was so patient with us, I didnt know when we started the process that he lived so far from where we were home shopping.he drove a long, long.long way to show us homes, on weekends, during rush hour and the whole time he was patient with us. I dont think many real estate agents would have been able to hang with me and my wife and all that we were looking for, but Tom stayed in for the whole thing and we found an awesome home at the end of the process."

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