Veronica Miklusicak

Veronica Miklusicak


4100 N. Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL 60618

Veronica's career in real estate began after graduation from Columbia College in Chicago. Having lived in many areas of the city has given her a unique insight into all that our city's neighborhoods have to offer. She applies that personal insight into helping her clients determine their best neighborhood fit based on their needs and wants for a place to live. In addition, working on new construction developments has given her a creative edge in helping her clients see their prospective new homes layout and design possibilities. This development experience has helped Veronica hone her organizational skills and the ability to develop, locate and/or build spaces for the "client's needs."

She is also a member of the Women's Council of Realtors. With this impressive understanding, work ethic and loyal dedication, Veronica uses @properties superior resources and tools to develop close relationships with clients, exposing them to the ever changing markets and bringing them a peace of mind built on integrity and dedication.

Clients are saying:

"Veronica has helped us find 2 homes. In Chicago, she wasn't afraid to accompany us to some of the gnarliest foreclosed properties and the like. Eventually helped us find the right one. Veronica has always been very responsive and on time to appointments- even all the way out to the suburbs to find our second home."

"Veronica was our agent back when we purchased our condo in 2007. And every since then she has been very helpful with all of our questions and concerns. She is truly a staple in our lives. We have a agent for life, thanks for all of your knowledge."

"This was my first buy. I spent a lot of time researching, meeting folks, and asking questions. I learned more from Veronica than everyone else combined. She held my hand when I needed, took care of what was needed, gave bold advice that always turned out accurate, gave me space to think, and lit a fire to motivate and focus when it started feeling overwhelming. Everything turned out pretty smooth and perfect. I have a home I love for a price I confidently know was a great desk."

"Veronica helped us sell our house for more than we imagined. She was easy to work with and always on time to appointments. She met all of our needs."

"My husband and I chose to work with Veronica after I had had such a positive experience with her helping me find my first home. We started our search for a new home/sale of our current home just before the pandemic hit and when it did that made things all the more complicated. However, Veronica never wavered. She remained committed, responsive, supportive, and was wonderful in helping us keep our family as safe as possible in the midst of countless showings.

In the end, we ended up in our dream home, in our dream neighborhood and would highly recommend working with Veronica!"

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