Stephen Chertok

Stephen Chertok

ABR, SRS - Broker

212 E. Ohio Suite 200
Chicago, IL 60611

A lot of years in Chicago, executive technology, real estate sales and real estate development... Brought up in a household of art, design, and architecture and in a business of construction, materials, and craftsmanship, I am fortunate to have both corporate executive sales experience and working experiences in the building trades. My exposures include ecofriendly building, alternative residential energy, smart home wiring, security systems, better materials design and smarter construction approaches.  Most of all, I am fascinated by the evolving shape and fabric of so many Chicago neighborhoods and communities.  

If you plan on buying, selling or renting real estate today you will have lots of data to decipher and a myriad of processes and tasks in order to complete the transaction.  I know where the data is and how to get, organize and use it.  I understand the processes and will clearly and simply walk you through them.


If you are buying property, I can help you determine which properties are financially sound purchases and how to obtain them. Knowing what neighborhoods, schools, transportation routes, shopping alternatives, available housing stock, similar recently sold property, financing options and more may be key in your transaction.  I save my clients a lot of time and money by working with the lender and exposing you to the highest quality inventory available in the area of your choosing at the price range you are comfortable with. I can assist in virtually any facet whether it is obtaining an attorney, inspector, locksmith, roofer or other srevice provider and perhaps most importantly we will make certain you get a fair and reasonable deal in as smooth and unencumbered manner as possible.


If you are selling you will be given a clear plan for staging, opens, showings, marketing and selling strategies. You will want to expose your home to as many potential, qualified buyers as quickly as possible. We go beyond the photos and staging, beyond putting the sign out front, and holding open houses. In addition to a stealthy internet presence, I take a proactive approach to identifying the buyer profiles, marketing in your buyer spheres and venues for attracting those buyers to come see your home. The key to easily selling your home at the best and highest price is to insure a healthy stream of qualified buyers see your home as soon as possible.

To me the phrase 'I'm passionate about real estate' has become cliche for me when it's really more of an obsession.  It's what I love and I'm fortunate to do as my full-time occupation.  It's an enormous privilege and joy to work with clients to help them find or sell a home.  Homes are where we live, create memories and possibly other lives too. They are a refuge, a sanctuary, a place to hang, gather, host and entertain.   Homes stand among other homes and give us community and our social awareness.  They represent the historical, social, political and economic developments of our time and evolution.  They are a reflection and an expression of our character and behavior.  They are usually long standing well after we are gone and they are deeply embedded in our collective memory and individual rememberances.

It is an honor and privilege to serve.  Sincerely yours, Stephen Chertok

Clients are saying:

"Stephen is fantastic. He made the home buying process go super smooth. Couldn't have asked for a better experience."

"Knew the market far better than any other broker we interviewed. Got us a price far higher than we could imagine at the outset. Highly competent and easy to work with. It was a pleasure to work with Stephen."

"Stephen was nothing short of phenomenal in his role as my real estate agent. His knowledge of Chicago, understanding of real estate market trends, and affable personality made him a true asset, from the discovery phase through to the closing table. Stephen also possesses an unparalleled knowledge of building structures and systems (gas, electric, water, etc) for a real estate agent, which allowed him to point out several potential pitfalls in houses that we reviewed or saw. I would highly recommend Stephen to anyone buying a home in Chicago; he's simply the best real estate agent I've ever worked with."

"As a first time home seller, Stephen went out of his way to educate us on the home selling process from start to finish. His communication was excellent throughout the process and he was quick to help us out with any questions that we had. He and his team did an excellent job staging and marketing the home and as a result it sold very quickly!"

"Stephen was such a great broker. He took the time to do the little stuff that meant a huge deal at the end of the day. Went above and beyond to make sure I understood every step of the whole process. Constantly put himself in my shoes to see what would be best for me. 100% recommend this broker above anyone else!"

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