Christopher Sterling

Christopher Sterling


548 W. Webster Ave.
Chicago, IL 60614

Real estate is more than just a signature on the dotted line. It’s building a trusting relationship that endures beyond the transaction.

Repeatedly named a top producer by Chicago Association of Realtors, Christopher is a nationally and internationally recognized Relocation Expert, and strategy and resolution specialist. He understands the importance of connecting with his clients, taking the time to understand their needs and goals and allowing them to know him better in the process. Together with his partner Todd Vitale, they offer a respected team with a depth of resources to service any real estate transaction, including attorneys, inspectors and financing.

Having seen dramatic changes in the last 15 years, Christopher is able to put shifts in the industry and home ownership into perspective for his clients, clarify misconceptions, and explain the process step by step. His commitment to his clients and their satisfaction is the reason 95 percent of his business comes from referrals; they know he is invested in mutual success.

A good REALTOR® is informative, not just informed. He helps clients adjust their vision to the current market scenario.

A resident of Chicago’s North Side for over 25 years, Christopher is passionate about the city’s history, architecture and design. He shares this passion with his clients, providing a unique perspective on period amenities, finishes and floor plans and how it relates to the current market and utilization. He offers in-depth knowledge on new and trending neighborhoods, recognizing that Chicago is a city of diverse culture and architecture, and strives to find the perfect fit for every client.

His transaction experience covers the full range: first-time home buyers, investors, seasoned residential buyers and sellers, leasing and professional referral sources. His clients know he is there for the long-term, not just a single transaction, and almost all of his first-time home buyers come back for subsequent transactions.

Loyalty is a great compliment not to be taken lightly.

Christopher attended the University of Michigan, where he studied English Literature and Communications, thereafter serving a variety of leadership roles in academia, community and business. Christopher and Todd are very passionate about animal adoption and anti-cruelty interests and organizations.

Community advocates to prevent poverty, homelessness and crime make them aware of not just their surroundings…but others less fortunate.

Christopher’s previous experience in fine dining and hospitality, gives him an 4-star foundation to entertain with the best of them providing his friends and clients a unique gourmet, fun, intimate setting.

Clients are saying:

"Chris is very knowledgeable about the area I am interested in, which is downtown Chicago. My friend referred him. I am happy working with him. He is responsive, both text and Email. And most important thing, he really stands with you, no matter in the process of visiting buildings or final negotiation. He will comment the pros and cons of each building, from different perspective. And finally he really did a good job on the price negotiation and make the deal happen."

"Chris is incredibly thoughtful and will cater the process entirely to your needs. He showed us a wide range of properties, was honest throughout the process and supported us well throughout our negotiation. Would highly recommend."

"Dear Chris,
Appreciate your help & wisdom again and for your friendship. You did an amazing job in renting it couple of weeks this time.

"Beyond as a broker (this time he rented the unit on the very first day out 4 showings), I treat Chris as my partner, mentor as my elder brother who guided me throughout my real-estate journey in Chicago.

I had the privilege to work with Chris on two different complex deals in Chicago since 2010. He was introduced to me by couple of my E&Y colleagues in 2010. I was new to Chicago at that time and with the help of him I studied >400 condominiums in Chicago and finally he took me to >40 of them. My negotiations especially with banks (foreclose & short-sale) was time taking and extremely complex (one took about a year). He never expressed his frustrations or never pushed me – in fact he was preaching the patience and looking at my interest more than his as an elder brother (and even advising me against my own wishes knowing my limitations (on one instance he saved me by walking away from one deal even after close to an yearlong negotiation)). I still cannot believe how he helped me to achieve iconic, historic (in North America) & one of the most luxurious ~3000SF condo in the heart of Chicago (for less than half the today's market value). Buying the condo was easy part – he even helped me on the renovation (>$100K), some complex legal challenges and finding tenants multiple times (when I decided to move back to Memphis) & addressing the related challenges and even today helping me to address some complex multiple insurance related challenges(one issue was>$20K flooring) in my absence.
Beyond few short term $’s, I seek in everlasting relationship beyond the business. Chris is my partner & mentor and a close family friend to me – I cherish it and above all I am greatly indebted to him for achieving something I still cannot believe."

"Chris was absolutely wonderful throughout our search, and it was great to work with him again! He was a pleasure to work with and made the whole process so much more pleasant. It was always fun to spend the afternoon or evening out looking at places with him. In addition he took our preferences into account when making suggestions and helped us find the perfect match! He was always willing to help and never seemed bothered by our requests. He made the entire process go smoothly, from our first day together until we were at the closing table. I'd highly recommend Chris to friends and family looking for a new place."

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