Alexa Hara

Alexa Hara


212 E. Ohio Suite 200
Chicago, IL 60611

With a passion for everything Chicago, Alexa joined a top producing team with @properties after finishing her MBA in Revenue Management. Since then she has built up a great business and has now formed a partnership with Guido Piunti another top producing real estate broker. The two have worked closely together for the last 3 years and share similar business practices and provide a level of service that goes above and beyond. 

She has an unparalleled knowledge and love for this city and business. Buying or selling a home is a process that should be enjoyable from start to finish. Knowing how to keep things running smoothly is what Alexa is best at, after working with the Gibsons Restaurant Group.

Alexa works with both buyers and sellers and has an average of 97% sale to list price on her listings. She is experienced with assisting her buyers with multiple offer situations and has been able to help them navigate the offer process. While there are so many little details that go into buying, selling or renting a home, Alexa has partnered with some of the top lenders, attorneys, inspectors, movers, and decorators to help you with recommendations every step of the way. 

Building relationships is a large part of what Alexa does. "I helped a client find her dream home a few months ago and didn't know her prior, we kept in touch and became friends...I was even invited to her house warming party with all of her family and friends!" Situations like that makes what Alexa does so enjoyable. Alexa doesn't just help people with real estate, but she makes them a part of her life, whether it be touching base every few weeks just to see how they are doing, or meeting for coffee when she is near their home. 

If you are seeking a smooth transition from your current home to a new one, or simply just looking for investment purposes, contact Alexa.

When Alexa isn't selling real estate you can find her honing her culinary skills, on the tennis court burning off the after effect of those culinary skills, or enjoying our Chicago lakefront. As an avid boater if you need to see the Chicago skyline from a different viewpoint, she is your go to gal.

Clients are saying:

"Alexa was terrific. She took charge right from the beginning as we were not from Chicago and went above and beyond to make it smooth and easy for us. She showed us a variety of houses, did a nice of job of following up on requirements and keeping us informed along the way. She was giving us the pros and cons and advising us where she felt that we maybe going off track. I will definitely recommend her as a safe, honest, hardworking, responsive agent who establishes a good relationships and gets to close."

"Alexa is easy to work with and responsive. She guided me through the whole process and kept on top of me to get things through since this was my first home. Thanks, Alexa!"

"Alexa provided me with sound advice when I was moving out of state. She connected with contacts in the city I was moving to and made sure I had the support I needed from local agents. Her professionalism and support was extremely impressive considering she was connecting me with contacts out of state. She took the initiative to provide local realtors with my budget and other considerations in looking for a home, which helped the process run smoothly and stress-free. Her response to my questions were immediate, and even if she did not know the answer to my questions about rentals out of state, she was quick to check in with her contacts and forward me the appropriate response. In addition to the practical support, her kind, friendly, and strong-willed demeanor assured me that she would be an excellent realtor to work with in the future. I'll be moving back to IL and I know I will be quick to contact Alexa with my rental and home-buying needs!"

"Alexa was absolutely amazing! She took the time to understand me and what I wanted/needed. She helped me through every step of the process and helped me find exactly what I wanted. Alexa helped change my life and I'm so happy I lucked into finding her!!"

"Alexa is extremely passionate about helping buyers and sellers with all facets of real estate transactions. Real estate is such a massive undertaking and it brings immense comfort knowing that there are professionals such as Alexa out there to go the extra mile to alleviate some of the stress. She has been instrumental in our planned property listing and provided abundant guidance on our upcoming purchase."

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