Nick Vizzone

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Nick Vizzone, an Oak Park native, has spent close to a decade fine tuning his residential real estate knowledge. Over the years he has educated himself about the neighborhoods and varied markets thru out Chicago, Oak Park, and the surrounding suburbs.

Nick comes from a family with extensive rehab experience, having done many award winning rehabs in Oak Park alongside his father, as well as independently in Chicago. A seamless transition, coming from a family who sees the inherent value of real estate.

In his youth, Nick was a nationally ranked tennis player, which lead him to a Division One Tennis Scholarship at Ball State University. After graduation, he pursued his passion by competing and teaching tennis on an international level. This experience only enhanced his insight into the ever shifting global real estate market.
Always attentive to his clients needs, his knowledge has enlightened them to unforeseen expenses as well as the potential build-out and upgrading opportunities, leading to instant equity!

Nick's provide a skilled analysis of the market to negotiate the best possible outcome for his clients.

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