Tara L Young

Tara L Young Photo

When I think of what makes a house a home:

It begins with the people who are in it. My services comes from the time invested into my clients, understanding their lifestyle, and translating their passions and pastimes into what each property has to offer them. I believe that making this connection is essential: it builds trust and ensures a positive buyer and seller experience. My clients consider me reliable, confident, and honest.

A proud Wisconsin native for more than 40 years, my hobbies include outdoor activities and cooking. I love taking my three dogs for walks along the many trails throughout our beautiful state. I also have two wonderful children who have gone on to successful careers in finance and sales. I am so proud!

I have a high level of professional integrity and industry knowledge, combined with deep community connections throughout Southeast Wisconsin (from Lake Geneva to Janesville to Madison and beyond!) and a knowledge of how those needs can be met through the current market place. As an experienced marketer with a commitment to VIP treatment uniquely tailored to each client, I make the buying and selling processes seamless. 


I can be of help to you, family and friends be sure to contact me.