Victoria Krause Schutte

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Victoria brings broad and deep life experiences that she will put to work for you as you buy or sell your home and plan for your future.


 Been There, Done That.    Almost 15 years ago, Victoria and her husband sold their condo in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago and purchased a home in the Frank Lloyd Wright Historic District of Oak Park.  Victoria has fully renovated her home and in doing so has become adept at working with contractors and negotiating the complexities of planning departments and building codes.   Victoria has "walked in your shoes" as it relates to the anxiety and frustrations that can accompany buying or selling a home, especially when historic renovations are involved.  This makes her uniquely qualified to guide her clients through a smooth closing and transition.   Most recently, Victoria has begun renovating her family’s vacation property – an 1880's Michigan Farmhouse and barn.


 There For You, 24/7.   Victoria enjoys working with people from varied backgrounds and treats all of her clients as if they were close friends.  Victoria understands that your needs may not be 9-5, and she will work with you on your schedule.  She is happy to give up her time to help you sketch out next steps or strategize.  Victoria has a strong desire to build lasting relationships and become a trusted advocate and advisor for her clients and their friends and families.  That’s not to say that Victoria does not “have a life”:  when she is not assisting clients, Victoria enjoys spending time with her three daughters and her husband at the family's Michigan farm, hiking,  painting, and gardening.  She also is an avid horseback rider and loves to spend time with her riding partner, Ufano, a Brazilian born Lusitano horse.


Past, Present, Future.    Victoria adds value by helping you see around the corner.   If you are selling, Victoria will work with you to position your home so that potential buyers can see not only its value today but also its possibilities for tomorrow.  As a buyer, Victoria can help you see value where others might not, and to avoid hidden pitfalls.  Victoria prides herself on her ability to evaluate a property today and to envision what it can be 10 years from now, and she can use that ability to maximize value, whether you are buying or selling.


 A Strong Negotiator and Proven Manager.    Victoria can guide you through the nuts and bolts of buying or selling your home.  Prior to starting her career in real estate, Victoria spent more than a decade in the public sector handling large budgets and negotiating deals for various public entities, including the Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Park District.  Victoria most recently worked for the Chicago Public Schools – the third largest school district in the country –  where she was responsible for the daily financial management of a $2.5 billion school construction program.   Victoria also has worked at the Chicago Park District as the Capital Budget Manager, developing and managing a comprehensive $200 million Capital Improvement Program, and in the City Manager's office of a suburban municipality.   Victoria is trained in city management (Masters of Public Administration and Public Policy with high honors and earned a B.A. in Economics), with over 10 experience in public sector budgeting, capital planning, operations management, and construction management.   Prior to returning to graduate school, she worked as a cost analyst at a Fortune 500 telecommunications firm.  


Let’s do this.  Whether you are buying your first home, or are transitioning to a new phase in your life, Victoria understands that the process of buying or selling a home can be stressful.  Victoria will use her experience to help her mitigate that stress, but also will use her experience and upbeat personality to make the process enjoyable.  She understands that, to you, this is not just another transaction; it’s one of the most significant undertakings of your life.  Victoria will work with you – and for you – to make the process of buying or selling your home memorable for all the right reasons.


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