Diana Kim

Diana Kim


1314 Shermer Rd.
Northbrook, IL 60062

Diana Kim joined @properties in 2015, but has been active in the real estate business for 10 years. In fact, she got her first job as a real estate administrative assistant after receiving her work permit at the young age of 15. She grew up in Northbrook and managed to juggle working weekends while attending Glenbrook North High School and continued to work in real estate while majoring in psychology at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Diana was an extremely hard worker and would often assist top producers in their marketing during peak seasons. Moreover, working through Chicago's housing bubble and recession has increased her knowledge of market trends tremendously. In the current market, she understands what the millenial buyer and seller are looking for. 

Diana joined a top producing team in Northbrook and started working with Mike Koerner after college. Together they created the Kim-Koerner Team. During this time, she further developed her skill of meeting buyer and seller expectations. Her customer service skills from years as an administrative assistant naturally helped her listen to and empathize with her clients' needs. Her native Korean tongue and understanding of Korean culture have made her a first choice for 1st generation Koreans. She loves traditional Korean cuisine with "haemul-sundubu-jjigae" and "dakjjim" making the top of the list. 

In her personal time, Diana has a passion for education. She is a role model for children who want to learn lego-engineering, robotics, and coding, and she particularly enjoys spending every extra minute with her nieces and nephews. She hopes to have her own family someday. Diana now happily resides near downtown Glencoe where she takes advantage of all the local shops, diverse cuisine and beautiful scenery the city has to offer. 

Clients are saying:

"Diana and Mike are the best brokers I have had the pleasure to work with. They are the real deal. They made what could have been a very stressful experience into a very enjoyable and memorable one. They are professional, punctual, exceptionally polite, efficient, considerate, extremely knowledgeable, culturally sensitive, respectful, and very skilled at what they do. On a personal level, they are very honest, personable, positive, genuine, empathic, great conversationalists, passionate, and will put you and your needs/wants first. For example, whenever we had a day of showings, Diana and Mike brought water bottles and treats for the client so that they would not go thirsty/hungry in between showings. Anyone considerate enough to think of those little details is someone you will be able to trust. They are truly a wonderful duo to work with and their more "humanistic" approach to real estate made me feel comfortable weighing the pros and cons of certain properties with them. They will walk with you throughout the whole process so that you will ultimately be able to make the best decision for yourself. I am currently very happy with the place I am living in and that is all thanks to this great team."

"다이애나와 마이크는 제가 함께 일해본사람중에 가장 유능하고, 상대방의 필요를 잘 챙겨주는 유능한 부동산에이젼트 입니다. 그들은 매우 즐겁게 일하고 함께 일하는기간 동안 기억에 남을만한 멋찐경험을 우리에게 재공해주었습니다. 무엇보다 이분야에 전문적 지식이 풍부하고, 매우 정직하며, 효율적이고, 사려 깊고, 긍정적이며, 또한,열정적이며, 당신의 필요를 채워줄 것입니다. 예를 들어, 우리가 만나는 시간을 가질 때마다 다이애나와 마이크는 음료수나, 마실것을 가져 와서 고객들에게 대접하여 분위기를 이끌어갔으며 친절을 베풀었습니다. 그 작은 배려를 보더라도 그들은 진정으로 훌륭한 듀오이며 덕분에 "인본주의적인" 접근 방식을 통해 나는 특정 부동산의 장단점을 파악하는 것에 편안해졌습니다. 그들은 궁극적으로 최선의 결정을 내릴 수 있도록 전 과정에서 우리와 함께 했으며 여러분과 함께할것 입니다. 나는 현재 내가 살고있는 집에서 매우 만족하며 행복한것이 훌륭한 두사람의 팀웍 덕택으로 생각합니다!"

"Diana and her team are great, this is my first sell with Diana but she knows rules, regulations and expectations. I would give her 6 Stars!!! Thanks, Diana!"

"Diana is an excellent agent. She is my trusted advisor in this process. First and foremost, Diana is a very honest and straightforward business woman, which is refreshing to find when you select your real estate agent. She is easy to reach and follow up is spot on and more than timely. She is a native of the Northshore area and provides outstanding local insight that would otherwise hard to gather and research for a client moving into the area. Diana really listens and understands her clients and targets her approach perfectly to the clients needs. I felt as though I had my own local real estate expert right there just a call or a quick message away. Diana is also very patient and resourceful when challenging circumstances arise. The financing part in my case looks challenging, but Diana brings along the patience and perseverance necessary to help the client through those issues. To sum it all up: Diana is very honest (seems rare in this industry.), professional and the success and happiness of her clients is her primary concern."

"If you want help finding a home or to sell your current abode, this is one dynamic team! Young, enthusiastic, and full of energy, the Kim-Koerner team is the way to go! Both Diana and Mike are products of the North Shore of Chicago and understand it, the surrounding communities, and the Chicago area in general. They know the subtleties of living here and how to figure out how to get exactly what you need and are looking for. Choose this team and you will never go wrong."

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