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Marissa Hopkins has been a full-time North Shore broker since 2005. Last year she sold 14 homes worth a total of $9MM. Four of those homes sold for well over $1MM with the highest selling for $2,560,000; the most affordable she sold was a co-op in Evanston for $85k. No matter the price, she works equally hard for all of her clients, as their exclusive fiduciary.

Before becoming a broker, Marissa served for 20 years as an executive corporate strategist. Her expertise was new product development and brand building. As such, she sold and implemented strategies to help Fortune 500 companies grow.

This relates to selling homes in many ways. Here are two examples.

First, your home is a one-of-a-kind product. What she sells is the experience, and how it will fulfill the buyers' dreams. She understands the consumer psyche and knows how to appeal to it on an emotional level. Home buying is emotional. Each home she lists tells the story of what made your home special in your life. This helps create marketing communications that connect to buyers' hearts and minds, and conjures images of themselves living in your home. An excellent, and extreme example of this would be how she sold the 'Home Alone' home in Winnetka. See for examples.

Second, to get the highest price and close a deal takes a skilled and experienced salesperson. Marissa is time-tested as an outstanding negotiator and a successful real estate professional who can pivot, grow with the times, and work with you all the way to the closing table to complete a deal. Since 2005 she's experienced the real estate market go through high highs and low lows, and has embraced the exponential advances in technology. She worked and sold homes throughout the COVID shutdown, and knows how to manage, present clearly, and advise her clients on however many offers they receive so they can make an informed decision that is best for them.

Finally, on a very personal note, Marissa is passionate about loving life at home and protecting the environment. She teaches classes on urban farming. She and her husband, Dan, grow hundreds of pounds of fresh vegetables every summer in their backyard and thousands of flowers for the bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. Marissa is a certified EcoBroker and NAR Green Designee, which qualifies her to identify and market your home's high-performance features and advise on ways to conserve energy, natural resources and money at home.

Marissa's home is her sanctuary. She is committed to helping people find their own perfect home, to love where they live, and to work with them to successfully move forward when it's time to move to a new home.

Marissa is a service-first, creative broker who has succeeded in all the North Shore real estate markets. Her steadfast approach is invaluable in helping her clients make informed decisions, whatever their real estate goals may be. She has been recognized for her accomplishments, as highlighted below:

  • Awarded Chicago Magazine's prestigious 5-Star Professional for outstanding sales and service 11 years in a row
  • @properties Christie's International Real Estate "Attitude" Sales Success Award for sales of $9MM in 2022
  • Awarded the Top Agent Award for the Fastest Growing Business in the first half of 2022, with over $9M in sales last year on the North Shore
  • Certified Eco-Broker® a certification to provide professional guidance and resources regarding energy and resource conservation at home
  • Awarded "Working to Make American Better" from the Illinois Association of REALTORS®
  • Served as a Commissioner for the Highland Park and Lake County Housing Commissions
  • Serves as a Trustee for North Shore Congregation Israel
  • Serves as an election judge and has done so for over 26 years in both Cook and Lake Counties
  • Mom of two kids: one is pursuing three PhDs in Creative Technology, Neuroscience and Cognitive Behavior at CU Boulder, the other is an attorney. Both are musicians.

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