Ricky Desai

Ricky Desai


806 N. Peoria
Chicago, IL 60642

The experience of purchasing his first condominium in Chicago's River North area led Ricky's love of local real estate, and ultimately, his decision to pursue his real estate license in Illinois.

With a decade of experience in data analytics, Ricky is able to provide accurate sales information for all of Chicago's neighbourhoods, allowing him to determine the best pricing strategy that will work for his clients. This has also given him the opportunity to leverage a wealth of real estate expertise by working with two of Chicago's top producers, whose annual sales of over $100M rank the team in the top 1%! His established team of attorneys, lenders, and contractors are able to facilitate the entire real estate transaction from beginning to end whether you are a buyer, seller, or renter.

Outside of real estate, you'll find Ricky watching football matches (being from Zambia he refuses to call it soccer) featuring his beloved Manchester United, on the golf course during the summer months shooting anywhere between 85-100, or entertaining wedding guests by showing his skills on the dhol drum for an internationally known group, Dhol Beat International.

Clients are saying:

"Ricky was instrumental in finding an apartment for me and my friends on two occasions. He was always able to find apartments that met our location and price preferences. On top of that, he was always prompt with communication and resolving potential issues between myself, my roommates, and the landlord. I would recommend him to anyone looking to obtain any sort of housing in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs."

"Ricky is an amazing person and a true professional who will make sure you will get the place you are looking for. One of the best we have seen in the business."

"I really appreciated Ricky’s openness and honesty, assertiveness, and willingness to negotiate better and fairer terms for me without me even asking. He sincerely took the time to get to know my likes/dislikes which was apparent in his ability to anticipate what I wanted out of a home. He was reliable and quick with communication. Ricky made this experience comfortable for me and I felt like he had my back. Appreciative for his help through this process."

"Working with Ricky exceeded any of my expectations. As a first time homebuyer, I was not familiar with the terminology or the best process people to involve. Right away Ricky was incredibly friendly, pro-active and took time to sit down and explain every process. He even recommended a lending agent which I ended up using and greatly appreciate. He was professional, highly attentive to detail and responded quickly whether by email or text. Also important to me was the fact that he put absolutely no pressure on me and provided information in an even-handed non-judgmental manner. He proposed an efficient sale process, gave me good and thoughtfully critical advice on finishing the house. I definitely could not have done this without Ricky, and he really took care during the negotiation, closing, and even after he has offered to help in anyway. Thanks Ricky!!!"

"Ricky was always on top of things for us, always advised the best for his client even if it means taking longer to find the right thing.
2 points about him made me realize that we made the right choice using his services...

Point number one: he would understand your needs and preferences, pay attention to your body Language and subtle cues during showings to use as a feedback fir next properties selections. He always says that it’s your preference what I cater for but my advice is such and such. He doesn’t shy from doing his homework, do the search and come back with the right answe and advice.

Point number 2: on our closing day and during our final walk through, he made sure we test a stove alliance that works with induction and special cook wares.
There’s was a question during the inspection whether it worked right or not! He actually brought a pot to test it and guess what, 2 “burners” were not working, we negotiated that and was discounted from our final closing cost. It a big thing for me because we didn’t think about it, he took it upon himself to deliver what he promised which is his client welfare!"

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