Tyler Roth

Tyler Roth


806 N. Peoria Lower Level
Chicago, IL 60642

Tyler is a seasoned real estate professional with almost 15 years of experience. He began his career in commercial real estate, but found that his expertise was in the residential real estate markets, specifically focusing on two specialzied segements of the market: The graduate school level professional and those in the medical profession (residents, fellows, etc.).  Tyler currently runs StudentSpace and MedResidences, two brokerages that cater to the aforementioned niche markets in helping their clients with both rentals and sales.  

  StudentSpace is a full-service brokerage firm that provides a free service for graduate students to help them find housing near their school or near public transportation that gets them to their program. StudentSpace provides a personalized service that helps graduate students feel more comfortable with their housing decisions. They provide the student with 24/7 customer service that ultimately saves them time, money and the hassle of finding an apartment in a new environment.  Schools love StudentSpace as they take the housing issue out of their hands so they can focus on bringing in the best talent.   StudentSpace - http://student-space.com   MedResidences is a very simiar concept to StudentSpace but caters specifically to the medical professional.  MedResidences was actually spawned from StudentSpace.  StudentSpace had helped thousands of medical students over the years.  Those students that worked in the hospitals started spreading the word.  Soon enough, the incoming doctors that had their own needs for housing help had a new, reliable resource.      MedResidences - http://medresidences.com   Through those brokerages, Tyler has extensive knowledge of the luxury product in Chicago and while continuing to run those companies, he will be launching another brokerage catered to that market.

Clients are saying:

"I just wanted to extend my gratitude for the wonderful service I have had with StudentSpace agent Tyler Roth. Starting a Master's program is a big step, but moving to another country and finding a place to live makes it even more overwhelming. Fortunately, Tyler's positive energy, consistency and willingness to help truly made this transition very seamless for me.  Thank you again for everything. Best, Napta Elsadig"

"Tyler, Once again thank you. I would like to say that I´m really impressed with the high quality of your services and your professionalism. I will be more than happy to indicate Student Space to anyone who intent to move/ live in Chicago. It would be nice if in Brazil we had real estate professionals like you. Sincerely, Marco C."

"Good Morning Tyler,First of all, thank you for your invaluable assistance in finding an apartment for Caitlin in a compressed timeframe! Knowing you had done this many times before made this stressful experience manageable.Weekend before last I helped Caitlin move in and get settled in her new apartment at Cityfront. It is a lovely apartment and the view is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for your recommendation and for your patience in helping with the search for a place for her to live. Lining up everything remotely was a leap of faith but being able to get your recommendations and opinions was invaluable. Thanks again!Again, thank you!Linda"

"I'm an incoming student and wanted to share my incredible experience with Student Space.  My fiance and I will be moving from Texas - a daunting task in our eyes.  We met Tyler during Admit Weekend at Booth and signed up for more information.  In May, we booked a very last minute trip to Chicago - I (very apologetically) emailed Tyler last minute asking if there was any way we could go on a tour as we didn't anticipate visiting Chicago any more before our move.  He was more than helpful!  He was able to arrange an entire afternoon of tours - fantastic buildings, many of them lesser-known, all really nice and within our budget.  It was great!  Here we are, just three weeks later, signing our lease.  Getting into Booth was stressful, but the stress didn't seem to end once I started thinking about relocating to another state.  Tyler made the process exceptionally easy.  I would highly recommend Tyler and Student Space - an amazing benefit for students, especially for those moving from out-of-state or from another country, at no cost - I just hope other students are aware of their services.Enthusiastically looking forward to moving into our new apartment,Sophia Stone"

"My apologies for the delay in getting back to you. Jess and I were on vacation right after meeting you in Chicago and then were very busy with graduation all last week. Still catching up on messages!At this point I don't think we have any specific questions for you. We still just wanted to officially thank you for your help in this whole matter. I can honestly say that when we left for Chicago we weren't expecting to find everything we were looking for and still be within budget, but we (meaning you) essentially did it. Thank you for that. Our lease starts on June 5 and we'll hopefully be arriving that day!Take care!David K."