Elizabeth Miller

Elizabeth Miller


906 N. State St.
Chicago, IL 60610

A Libertyville, IL native, Elizabeth Miller fell in love with Chicago real estate while working at a law firm as a paralegal. Miller's attention to detail and ability to overcome objections allowed her to transition into brokerage in 2014. Miller spent three years facilitating contract to close operations on one of Chicago's most successful teams.

In the Spring of 2017, Miller joined Mandel Residential. Miller's quick study and commitment to a likeminded business approach allowed Mandel Residential to supersede all expectations.

Miller's diligent nature, calm disposition and ability to see the real estate transaction from every angle has allowed her to build, retain, grow and contribute to an ever evolving business. As active listener, Miller is able to balance the requests of her clients and exceed all expectations. Miller is committed to delivering a high level of customer service while balancing the delicate line of negotiation and proper client expectation.

Miller is well versed in understanding Chicago real estate and continues to dedicate herself to staying ahead of the curve. Her kind disposition offers a sense of comfort in the toughest of scenarios. While consumer real estate needs are ever changing, Miller's consistent strive for excellence makes her a timeless staple in our marketplace.

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