Marc Bahnsen

Marc Bahnsen


806 N. Peoria
Chicago, IL 60642

Are you:

  • Interested in learning about Chicago investment property?
  • A first-time buyer looking for your dream condo or detached home?
  • Moving to the city after a good life in the suburbs? 

Good news! Marc specializes in helping buyers achieve their goals by offering an extensive knowledge of Chicago neighborhoods and sharing years of real estate investing and property management experience.

As a licensed real estate broker, Marc is a:

  • Member of the Chicago Association of REALTORS®.
  • Trusted advisor in the real estate transaction.
  • Skilled negotiator committed to protecting your best interests.

What's next? Whether you're looking for a Chicago investment property, buying your first home, or transitioning to the downtown chapter of your life, Marc looks forward to scheduling a coffee to discuss how he can help you realize your dream.

Clients are saying:

"From the beginning of my buying and selling home process, Marc was professional, thorough, responsive, and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. Marc set up meetings with me in his office to walk me through the process of selling my home and what to expect. Marc also offered advise and next steps when came time to negotiating with both houses. It was a real pleasure working with Marc, and will certainly recommend him to friends and family when the time comes."

"I cannot say enough positive things about Marc! We are first time buyers, and he was so helpful during the entire process. Marc is very responsive and always took the time to explain the complexities of the home buying process to us. His expertise and all around positive energy put us at ease many times during the process and it could not have gone smoother! I would highly recommend working with Marc. A real top notch guy!"

"Marc is the absolute BEST. Can't recommend him enough! He started helping us back in Sept. 2019, found us an apartment that we were happy with, but unfortunately things didn't work out for us to move right then. He was really understanding and didn't pressure us at all to close the deal. Fast forward to Feb. 2020, when we were finally ready & able to move, I was thankful that Marc reached out to me offering to help us (again!). He was super responsive and patient with our (very picky) requirements, and found us an apartment that we LOVE, even more than the first one! Lease signed, we can't wait to move in next week. Thanks, Marc! :)"

"I had the honor and satisfaction of connecting with Marc and being led through the journey of buying my first home as well as navigating the neighborhoods and city as a new resident to Chicago. This experience was truly a gift. I cannot imagine it any other way. I would not have done it.
My perception about real estate and the process was definitely askew, I held many reservations for years about the whole process of buying a home; thankfully having Marc as a guide completely cleared that view because indeed the search to my dream home was uplifting, clarifying, and resonating to the values I follow. My new home has every single one of the guidelines I set out to acquire. Purchasing, finding a home is one of the most personal, intimate experiences one can have as it becomes a physical extension of oneself, as such, I believe it is of utmost importance to make an authentic connection with the client in a degree that truly feels like one is making the best decision for the highest good of all and isn't being led through just a monetary transaction.
Marc is a vivid example of what I seek in a real estate agent professional he exemplifies kindness, respect, empathy, integrity, patience, clear and open communication, positivity, knowledge, problem solving, attention to details, while also having a great sense of humor to infuse the situation. He identified our areas of interest and illustrated them throughout as we toured neighborhoods, his support throughout the different stages is palpable, again connecting with with what speaks truth to me.
In addition, this was reflected through the team of people he works with, all optimistic and genuine, it feels so great to have interacted with different professionals at this level. I am beyond grateful to have had Marc as an advisor and demonstrate his expertise in this field, I enthusiastically recommend him to anyone seeking a professional in real estate matters."

"We utilized Marc's expertise and professional guidance when seeking a single family home in Chicago a year and half ago. We were upfront with our intentions, as we wanted to explore what was out there first and couldn't commit to a timeline, as the perfect place & price had to present itself. However, that did not seem to have an impact on how he serviced us. He clearly wanted what was best for us and applied absolutely no pressure at all. He was patient, understood our needs and handled our account with the utmost professionalism. During the house hunting process, we ended up relocated to another city due to my job. We had such a good experience with Marc and trusted him that we utilized his services in managing the rental of our condo unit. We'd highly recommend working with Marc and trust you won't be disappointed with the honest, ethical approach he brings to his position."

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