Kassandra Vitogiannis

Kassandra Vitogiannis Photo

Known for her great taste in style and design, Kassandra's eye for quality elevates the potential of her projects. She is a young, Greek American woman with a background in Fashion Business and Real Estate Development and has merged these experiences to bring forth a contemporary edge to the service of real estate. 

With her father being a residential real estate developer in Chicago, Kassandra was emerged into the industry from a very young age. While interning and later managing the construction office, she has learned the ins and out of what goes into the development of a home. With this experience, Kassandra has the eye for quality and craftsmanship. 

Kassandra manages over 50 new construction, luxury apartments in Chicago's up and coming neighborhood, Tri Taylor. She currently resides in River North, Chicago. 

In her free time, she loves exploring unique coffee shops in different neighborhoods of Chicago allowing her to provide a unique perspective of the whole city and surrounding suburbs. She frequently travels to new and adventurous places around the globe, some of her favorite destinations being Greece, Switzerland, and Italy. 

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