Travis Binns

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Travis brings a strong work ethic, track record of success and a genuine commitment to outstanding customer service to his real estate business. Although a great deal of information is now available online, Travis believes that his counsel and client-centric approach are valued now more than ever. From renters and first-time home buyers to seasoned sellers, he makes it his top priority to understand his clients' needs and concerns in order to make them as comfortable as possible through the process.

Inspired by his love of architecture and the unique neighborhoods in the best city in the world, Travis was driven to make the move to a career in real estate. A hospitality manager for 17 years, he relates easily to others, is an attentive listener and a creative problem solver. Travis is methodically organized and experienced putting processes in place - skills that are invaluable in the fast-paced real estate industry.

Travis is knowledgeable across many Chicago neighborhoods, with a focus on the North Side, North Shore and NW suburbs. Travis appreciates the city's amazingly diverse food scene and has a passion for the craft beer market within the city and surrounding suburbs. When Travis is not doing something real estate related, he likes to spend time with his wife and two daughters, or volunteering with the Greater Chicago Food Depository where he sits on the Associate Board.

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