Young Lee

Young Lee


31 S. Evergreen Ave.
Arlington Heights, IL 60005

Young Lee attended the University of Indiana in Bloomington to study Accounting and Finance before transferring to the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana to finish with a degree in Economics.  From there, he started his career as and Equity Options Trader at the Chicago Board Options Exchange in Chicago.  During his 7 years as a trader, Young realized his passion for the real estate market and the long term benefits of home ownership and obtained his real estate broker's license.  

After submerging himself into the real estate market and using the knowledge he gained during his time as a derivatives trader, Young realized that the real estate market is also an ever changing market.  Because of this ever changing market, Young made sure to keep himself on the forefront of new technology to better assist homeowners and buyers to access and market their homes to the most people possible.  He has focused his attention on this fad called the "Internet" and has continually grown the business by providing seller's with the most advanced online marketing to reach the most potential buyers for their home.  For Buyers, Young Lee provides the most comprehensive list of homes to search from and provide neighborhood information, school information and search criteria that most buyers care most about. 

Clients are saying:

"Young Lee is a true professional in his line of business. He listened to my request and provided exactly what I requested on a daily basis. I had always been a single family home owner. I needed to down size and be closer to work. Young was able to find me a condo 2 miles from work but also within my budget, the number of rooms needed, and amenities requested. I was able to personally see the units that I was interested in without hesitation. He walked me thru every step of the way with the purchase of my new condo. Thank you, Young.
Carmen Fernandez"

"Young is a really great guy and an awesome realtor/property manager. He helped us buy our first home and made the somewhat scary process a smooth and easy one. He's super accommodating, and knowledgeable, and we always felt like we were in great hands. We'd highly recommend him if you are buying/selling or renting a home! The process worked like a well oiled machine."

"It was a pleasure working with Young and his team. We trust that he had our best interest at heart. We sold our house for more than we expected. We had a great buying experience, too. I highly recommend Young."

"Young was the listing agent for our condo in Edgewater (Chicago, IL). He also helped with the purchase of our new home in Wheeling, IL with the help of one of his partners, Jeffrey Padesky.

Let me start by saying that our buying/selling circumstances were very unique and challenging, to say the least. We listed at the very end of the season as this is when we found out we'd be starting a family and needed more space. Buying demand during this part of the season was very sparse, and to make the situation tougher, we knew we were on a timeline since one of the other owners in our complex would soon be listing his condo, which was identical to ours. After 2 open houses and several individual showings, Young and Jeff had secured a buyer and an exceptional offer to boot. Almost simultaneously, Jeff had helped us find the perfect house to put an offer down on, so it was very important that our buyer came through. The challenge really started when the owners of the house we were buying were getting delayed by the owners of the house they were buying, causing issues down the chain, as our buyers wanted to move in almost immediately. What happened next can only be described as the best balancing/negotiating act of all time, where Young managed to keep our buyers on the hook by delicately negotiating timelines up and down the chain. The fact that Young's wife was also our lawyer made the process smoother as well. We seamlessly worked through some minor inspection issues (by the way, Young's inspector was extremely knowledgeable) and a somewhat significant appraisal issue.

At the end of the day, after all documents were signed and everything was closed, we heard about the full gravity of the situation and were amazed that Young pulled it off so gracefully. All of his behind-the-scenes efforts certainly saved us a ton of stress.

Ultimately what resulted was securing a very good price for the condo we sold and an exceptional deal on the house we bought. We didn't realize until later that the majority of comparable houses in the area we were buying didn't have quite as many updates as our house, yet we paid roughly the same.

We would highly recommend Young and his team for their exceptional capabilities.

-Jon & Athena"

"As a first time homebuyer, Young was an absolute Godsend. Whatever the question, Young had advice and guidance. In addition, he displayed the utmost in attentiveness and care. Never for a moment did I ever doubt he thoroughly represented my interests. In this day and age, finding someone you can trust is irreplaceable. So, I have absolutely zero qualms about recommending Young wholeheartedly."

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