Brooke Vahosky

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A career in real estate was a natural fit for Brooke whose family has been involved in buying and selling property for over 15 years.  Brooke became familiar with the process by being exposed to so many transactions and ultimately became the "go to" person to help find the best properties.  Her long-time interest in the real estate industry brought her to where she is today, a broker helping others with their own buying and selling needs.  She understands well how stressful these transactions can be so she gives her all to each client to ensure that the outcome is successful and the process is smooth.

Brooke is very familiar with the north shore communities between her own upbringing, her family's transactions and her current residence.  Brooke was raised in Niles and Glenview, and has now settled with her own family in Northbrook.

Brooke prides herself on being caring, ambitious, honest, positive and efficient – all qualities that her clients appreciated.  She truly cares about her clients and enjoys helping them succeed in their real estate transactions.  These are important decisions to make, and helping others with those decisions is what drives Brooke to work hard each day.

Whether you are looking to buy, sell, rent or just learn more, contact Brooke today!

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