Suzy Macino

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The Macino Team is led by Suzy Macino, a top-producing real estate
broker in the Fox Valley and the neighboring communities. She has
worked hard to grow her real estate practice and market knowledge
since 2000. Suzy now heads a team of dedicated, hardworking
and driven agents. As she continues to grow her business through
the support of loyal customers and her referral network, Suzy
and her team continue the tradition of exceptional customer
service, consistent communication, attention to detail and positive

When it comes to Fox Valley real estate, Suzy Macino has a
remarkably informed perspective. She complements her extensive
insider knowledge with full marketing exposure and extreme
negotiating confidence. Each of her team members has a critical
role in the real estate process, all equally important in guaranteeing
success. This finely tuned team effort has already won Suzy the
admiration of clients and peers alike. However, she still owns the
process and spends time with each client to ensure they understand
their support system and expertly guides them through the process.
Suzy is committed to her faith and her family. A product of a military
family, Suzy takes great pride in helping military families as well as
those families relocating that may benefit from her local expertise.
In her private time, she enjoys celebrating everything Fox Valley
offers with festivals, dining, culture, and especially the people.



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