Alvin Chiang

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Alvin started his real estate career with @properties because of the firm's growth, innovation and culture. He was raised with real estate all around him with a father who was an architect and a mother who worked for a real estate development company prior to immigrating to the United States. Although Alvin's degree was in engineering, his love for real estate gave him the motivation to double major in architecture expanding his knowledge and experience in the industry.

Alvin's professional background is heavily weighted towards customer service, sales and business development. As a young professional, he had the opportunity to run multi-unit, multi-million dollar enterprises in the Chicago market for a Fortune 500 company with outstanding success. As a manager, Alvin is known as someone who is respected by his direct reports and peers alike as transparent, honest, compassionate and always having others' best interests before his own. His customers would describe Alvin as hardworking, dedicated, professional, creative and someone that goes above and beyond to exceed expectations.

Alvin grew up in the North Shore area and currently resides in Northfield with his wife and their dog. He stays very active outside of work. Alvin coaches badminton at New Trier High School and runs clinics at a local park district. You can also find Alvin occasionally on a golf course, bike trails, parks, beaches and softball fields.

Alvin continually seeks ways to stay connected with the community, and he is always willing to share his knowledge with anyone in need. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Alvin if you are looking for a broker to count on with your real estate questions and needs.

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